NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter 2 – A Snake Charmer’s Story

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Discover the captivating tale of a snake charmer in NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter 2, “A Snake Charmer’s Story”. Explore the fascinating relationship between snakes and humans as they seamlessly merge into each other’s ecosystems. Delve into the intricacies of snake anatomy, including their unique eyes and ears, and learn about the other fascinating creatures inhabiting the zoo.

NCERT Solution for Class 5 EVS Chapter 2 is Now Available

Q1. Have you ever seen someone perform a been? Where?

Answer: Yes, I have seen snake charmers perform a been. During festivals, they can be seen in rural areas.

Q2. Have you ever encountered a snake? Where?

Answer: Yes, I have seen a snake in a paddy field, on a farm, and so on.

Q3. Were you afraid of it? Why?

Answer: Yes, I was terrified of it because it was poisonous and would bite.

Q4. Do you believe that all snakes are poisonous?

Answer: The answer is that not all snakes are poisonous.

Q5. You read in Chapter 1 that snakes do not have visible ears. Is the snake able to hear the being, or does it dance when it moves? What are your thoughts?

Answer: No, the snakes cannot hear the being, but they can dance to its movements.

Q1. Have you ever seen animals used for human entertainment? When and where did you see this (for example, in a circus, on the road, or in a park)?

Answer: Yes, many animals are used for human entertainment. I saw them at circuses, parks, and along highways.

What animal show did you watch?

Answer: I saw a snake dancing to a snake charmer on the side of the road.

Q2. How did the audience interact with the animals in the show?

Answer: At the show, people treated the animals with respect.

Q3. Was anyone making fun of the animals? How?

Answer: Yes, some of them were calling out to the zoo’s animals.

Q4. What questions did you have after watching the animal show?

Answer: After watching the animal show, I had a few questions, such as:

a. Is the animal properly trained?

b. How meticulously are they handled?

c. How did they get the animals out of the forest?

d. Is it really necessary to stress animals in order to entertain people?

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Q5. Pretend you’re an animal in a cage. Consider how you would react. Fill in the blanks with the following sentences:

  • I’m afraid my trainer will beat me if I make a mistake.
  • I wish I could get out of this cage.
  • When I’m locked in a cage for long periods of time, I get depressed.
  • If I had the chance, I would flee these people and return to the forest.
  • I despise it when people tease or irritate me.

Q1. Which other people, besides snake charmers, rely on animals for a living?

Answer: Animals provide a living for many people, including snake charmers, fishermen, poultry farmers, milkmen, tonga wala, and others.

People who keep animals were polled.

Talk to some people in your neighborhood who keep one or more animals for a living, such as a horse for a tonga or hens for eggs.

  • Give the animal a name.
  • What is the total number of animals?
  • Is there a special area for the animals?
  • Who is responsible for them?
  • What do the animals consume?
  • Do the animals ever get sick? So, what does the keeper do?
  • Make some more questions and have a discussion.
  • Make a project report and read it to the class.

Answer: Assume there is a milkman with 5 cows. He has also built a separate room to house these cows. Along with the cows, there are calves who are kept separate from the cows. The milkman and his wife care for these cows and calves by providing them with grass, fodder, and other necessities. Sometimes the cow becomes ill, in which case the veterinary doctor is called in. These cows, in turn, produce milk, which the milkman sells to make a living.

Q1. The government has made it illegal to catch and keep snakes. What are your thoughts on this law? Explain your reasoning and write in your own words.

Answer: The government has made it illegal to capture and keep snakes. This law has my support. Even though many animals are imprisoned for taking away their freedom, no human has the right to do so. It is wrong to make a living by robbing an animal of its freedom. I wholeheartedly support the law prohibiting the capture and confinement of animals.

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