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Leave Letter

There are various reasons for writing a leave application or leave letter. A letter can be written by a student to the principal and an employee to the HR or Team manager, a teacher to the principal, a hostel student to the hostel warden, etc. Life is so unforeseeable that you never know when and why you might need to take a leave from your school, hostel, and your work. It may be because of someone’s health issue, or it might be for someone’s birthday party, an emergency, Sickness, family get-together, etc. Keep Reading for batter understating by Knowledge Glow.

Whether you are working under someone, or you are under someone else’s instruction, you’ll have to seek authorization before you take a leave. In order to obtain someone’s consent, you’ll have to write an application requesting them to take grant permission for leave for some days. 

What is meant by Leave Letter?

A formal letter of this type, known as a leave letter, is written to request leave. It is a formal approach to request authorization for a break or leaves your job. You put a strain on your coworkers if you take leaves without getting authorization first. Since we were young children, we have always written letters to family members on leave, albeit the reasons have frequently changed.

To ensure that productivity is not lost and the workload is allocated equitably, it is a good idea to let your manager or lead know about your absences. Additionally, it is crucial for parents to let the instructor know about any absences of their children.

Reasons for Applying for Leave

There may be hundreds of causes to take a leave of absence. Whether you are a student or a worker, it is imperative to explain why you are requesting a leave of absence in your leave letter. Different things can be absent. It might be

  • Death of a close family member
  • Sickness or any other medical needs
  • Taking rest or recovery from illness
  • A wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or any other family event
  • Traveling with family or friends
Leave Letters

Kinds of Leave Letter

When you are working in an organization, you’ll find there huge types of leaves such as casual leave, paid leave, illness leave, etc Read Below to know a few types of leaves available & the reason behind them. 

Sick leave: When a person or his or her child is ill and wishes to take a one- or two-day break.

Casual leave: As an employee of an organization, you may be given a few casual leaves that can be taken at any time. You can take a casual absence and then submit an official leave application to your manager for personal work.

Maternity or paternity leave: You can take maternity leave if you have a newborn or if you are pregnant and your due date is approaching. Following his wife’s delivery, the father can take paternity leave.

Aside from this, there are several leaves such as one-day leave, half-day leave, and so on. Students, like employees, can take varied leaves by submitting leave applications to their teachers or the principal.

For a better understanding of the format of writing a leave letter, please see the sample letters supplied below.

Format of a Leave Letter

Before going to the samples, you can check the format of writing a leave letter

  • From Address
  • Date
  • To Address
  • Subject
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter
  • Complimentary close

Samples of Writing a Leave Letter

We’ve included links to numerous leave letter samples on this page. Before writing a departure letter, you might refer to the formats listed below.

Leave Letter Format for Sick Leave


18 Houston, st 1

San Antonio, Texas 

Date: 3rd March 2022


Content Manager

Digital Content Writing 

San Antonio, Texas

Subject: Request for 15 Days’ Leaves

Dear Stephen, 

My name is Jason, and I work as a content writer with the employee ID RPE098. I’d like to inform you that I’ve been suffering from a fever, and my symptoms are becoming more serious. I needed to see a doctor because my saturation level was dropping. According to the counsel I received, I will be admitted to the hospital for a few days. I will return to the office after I have fully recovered. As a result, I respectfully beg that you grant me 15 days of sick leave.

I’ve attached the typhoid results and the doctor’s certificate to this letter for your convenience. I respectfully request that you grant me leave from March 4th to March 18th, 2022. I hope you understand my circumstance, and I will be glad if you do.

Thanks and Regards



Employee ID: RPE098

Content Writer


Typhoid report

Medical reports

Doctor’s certificate

You can use the samples provided below to get a better grasp of the format of various sorts of leave letters:

  • Hostel Leave Application
  • Leave Application for School
  • Office Leave Application for Personal Work

Frequently Asked Questions on Leave Letter

How can I prepare a leave letter to the principal for my sick child?

As a parent, you can write a leave letter to the principal outlining your child’s illness. Please provide the medical report for more explanation. Include all pertinent information, such as the sender’s address, the receiver’s address, a formal salutation, and the body, as well as the reasons for the leave.

What is the significance of a leave letter?

A leave letter is necessary for both a child and an employee because it is an official manner of requesting permission from your boss to take the leave.

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