x2−11x+28=0 | x Squared Minus 11x Plus 28 Equals 0 | (x^2-11x+28=0)


To solve the quadratic equation x2−11x+28=0, We can use factoring mathod or the quadratic formula.

factor the quadratic equation x2−11x+28=0

This factors into:


Now, set each factor equal to zero:

x−4=0 or x−7=0

Solving each equation:

For x−4=0, adding 4 to both sides gives x=4.

For x−7=0, adding 7 to both sides gives x=7.

So, the solutions to the quadratic equation are x=4 and x=7.


Given quadratic equation is x2−11x+28=0

On splitting the middle terms, we get





x-7=0 and x-4=0

Therefore, x=7 and x=4


Graph for x2-11x+28=0

Graph for x2-11x+28=0
Graph for x2-11x+28=0

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