Chemical Properties

Group1Melting point180.5 °C
Period2Boiling point2061 °C
BlocksDensity (g cm−3)0.534
Atomic number3Relative atomic mass6.94
State at 20°CSolidKey isotopes7Li
Electron configuration[He] 2s1CAS number7439-93-2
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What is Lithium?

  • The periodic table’s first occurrence of lithium is among the alkalis.
  • The lightest solid metal is it.
  • It is present in the Earth’s crust in 65 ppm and is moderately plentiful (parts per million).

Uses of Lithium

  • Lithium chloride and bromine combine to create concentrated brine, which when heated to a high temperature absorbs humidity. Air conditioning system production involves the usage of brine.
  • Parts for airplanes are made from metal alloys containing copper, aluminum, manganese, and cadmium.
  • Both the ceramic industry and medicine employ carbonate as an antidepressant.

Properties of Lithium

  • In several reactions involving both organic and inorganic reactants, lithium plays an active role. It forms monoxide and peroxide when it interacts with oxygen.
  • Water and metallic lithium interact quite violently.
  • This metal has a high specific heat, or calorific capacity, which is one of its notable characteristics. Other characteristics include its wide range of temperatures in the liquid state and strong thermal conductivity.
  • Both its density and viscosity are quite low.
  • This metal’s metallic form is insoluble in hydrocarbons but soluble in short-chain aliphatic amines like ethylamine.

Certain Facts About Lithium

  • Only minerals and salts contain lithium. The lithium-ion battery is an essential part found in a lot of modern products.
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