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In this article, we are going to discuss why current affairs are important, How to study current affairs for bank exams, how to prepare for the banking exam current affairs, and highly recommended books for preparing current affairs.

Current affairs are important for preparation of all types of competitive exams . Be it banking sector, Staff section commission, insurance and police etc, in every sector, the current affairs are important. To crack the bank exam whether it is for Clerical or PO vacancy, it’s important to keep yourself updated with the latest news, events, and developments not only in India but worldwide. Because in the banking sector, Current Affairs are not limited to mains exams but also in written descriptive exams as well as in interviews. So having a strong command of current affairs is one step towards cracking exams. Whether you are preparing for Bank Clerk or Bank PO, the current affairs( general awareness) section of the Mains exam, as well as the preliminary, current affair portion, is one of the most important portions of the banking sector examinations which covers several topics including news, national events, awards, general awareness, developments, etc.

Why Studying Current Affairs Is Important for Banking Exam Preparation?

Current affairs are important for banking sector aspirants for various reasons such as:

Banking sector competitive Prelims and Mains exams for clerical as well as PO include the general awareness portion that includes various segments such as banking awareness, current affairs, and financial awareness.

Now we will discuss the importance of current affairs for banking exam preparation.

  1. Banking sector exams usually include current affairs questions related to economic trends, current events, government policies, and developments. If you are updated with current affairs and the latest happenings around the globe. Then can crack the questions easily and score good marks.
  2. To check, whether the aspirants are well-informed about the world, the examiner adds the questions of general awareness.
  3. Apart from the government policies, development, laws, and latest events, In the banking sector current affairs, questions related to economic developments, stock market, financial news, banking regulations, financial policies, and government initiatives are asked.

The segment’s current affair is highly scoring and crucial to crack the exam as well as the interview part.

how to study current affairs for bank exams is a very common question that comes into the mind of every aspirant. Because competitive examinations in every sector include current affairs. Unlike other segments, the syllabus of current affairs is neither limited nor defined.

But if you study current affairs thoroughly, it will be your cup of tea.

Now we will discuss:

How to Study Current Affairs for Bank Exams to Score Well

How to Study Current Affairs for Bank Exams?

To study current affairs for banking exam, You need to follow the mentioned below steps:

  • Create a study plan: Create your routine study plan and assign particular time for each subject including current affairs for continuous study.
  • Keep Yourself Updated on Current Event: Make a routine to read newspapers, magazines, watch news channels, and follow news websites to keep yourself updated on current events and developments in the world.
  • Read Newspaper Daily: Reading newspaper on daily basis is the best way to enhance your knowledge of what is happening at national and international level. The newspapers strengthen the knowledge of aspirants and make themselves updated with current events.

Read Magzines and Online Articles Daily

Read monthly and periodically magzine to keep yourself updated with current events on national and international level.

  • Use online resources: Internet is a rich source of information related to current events, developments. On internet various youtube channels, websites provides effective and informative content regarding current affairs and even conduct quizzes, debtae session for practice.
  • Prepare notes: While studying, always prepare notes for revision purpose on important points, events and topics and read them on daily basis to reinforce them in your memory. Revision is the key to remember the current affairs on your fingertips and to study well for not only banking but every competitive exam.
  • Practice quizzes: Participate in general awareness quizzes and solve current affairs quizzes to evaluate your knowledge. current affairs related Quiz help you find out the areas in current affairs that need improvement.
  • Focus on Banking news: Focus on economic and financial news, as banking news are important for bank exams.
  • Join online and offline study groups: Join both online and offline study groups to discuss current affairs, and learn from each other.
  • Mock tests: Take specifically focused mock tests on current affairs to improve your time management skills.
  • Revise regularly: Continous revision of notes you prepared and you learned reinforce your understanding of current affairs.

What Are the Important Topics to Study Current Affair for Banking Exam Preparation?

Some valuable and the important topics of general awareness to be focused while studying current affairs

  1. Government schemes
  2. Governments policies
  3. Financial and economy
  4. National and international importance
  5. Famous books and their authors
  6. Important dates
  7. Important events
  8. Sports and Sportsmen related news
  9. National and International Awards
  10. Summits
  11. Appointment & Resignation
  12. Ranks & Reports
  13. Science & Technology
  14. Defense Exercise
  15. Obituary


Every competitive exam needs strong command over every subject. Be it current affairs, computers, English, Mathematics etc. But general awareness is considered the well scoring segment especially in banking sector.

Hope this blog will help you in studying current affairs which is the most important and scoring topic to cracking your all kinds of banking sector exams.

All the best for your preparation.

Study Current Affairs for Bank Exam FAQs

What should I read for current affairs?

There are many different options are available that you can read for current affairs. Here are a some of the most popular and reliable sources that you can read:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • News websites
  • Current affairs websites
  • YouTube channels
  • Listing News Podcast

How can I study current affairs effectively?

To study current affairs effectively,make the habbit of regular reading, making notes and revising.

Are 1-year current affairs enough for Govt exam?

Yes, 1 year current affairs are enough for government exam if you study using an effective approach.

When should we start preparing for current affairs?

we should start preparing for current affairs at least 1 year before appearing for our competitive exams to study every topic thoroughly and develop strong command over topics.

What are the important topics for current affairs?

The important topics for current affairs include: National and international news related to government policies, sports news, important events, famous books and their writers, social issues, economic and financial news etc.

How can I remember current affairs?

To remember current affairs, prepare notes you can revise daily, discuss topics with peers, participate in quiz, visualize information instead of just reading again and again etc.

What are the best sources for current affairs?

The best sources for current affairs are newspaper, weekly and monthly magazines, government website news websites, and social media.

How can I make my current affairs preparation more interesting?

To make your current affairs preparation more interesting study with your friend, use variety of sources to collect information, fix your goal and reward yourself on achievements and take part in quizzes etc.

How can I track my progress in current affairs?

To track my progress in current affairs, take quizzes, attend online and offline debate session, and set milestone.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in current affairs preparation?

Some common mistakes to avoid in preparation of current affairs are:

  • Relying on single source for preparation. Its good practice to use different sources for preparation.
  • Ignore local news. Don’t ignore local news and study thoroughly to score good marks.
  • Revise enough to make the topic on finger tips.

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