Maharana Pratap: History of Maharana Pratap’s Valor and Bravery

History of Maharana Pratap

History of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap Singh was born on 9 May 1540 in Kumbhalgarh fort of Rajasthan by whose name Akbar knew, his father’s name was Rana Udai Singh and mother’s name was Jaywanta Bai, according to the Hindi calendar, his birth anniversary is Jyeshta Shukla every year. Tritiya is celebrated on the day of Some historians believe that Maharana Pratap Singh’s birth chart shows that he was born in the palace of Pali district as his mother Jaywanta Bai Sonagara was the daughter of Akhraj. She belonged to the Pali district and believed in Hindu culture. Any child is born for the first time in his mother’s womb. 

1.NameKunwar Pratap Ji (Shri Maharana Pratap Singh Ji)
2.BornMay 9, 1540 A.D.
3.BirthplaceKumbhalgarh, Rajasthan
4.Death anniversaryJanuary 29, 1597 A.D.
5.FatherShri Maharana Udai Singh Ji
6.MotherQueen Jeevat Kanwar Ji
7.SpouseMaharani Ajadeh was the first wife of Maharana Pratap
8.Height7.5 ft.
9.Reign period1568-1597 AD
10.Rule period29 years
13.Royal familyRajputana
14.Religious BeliefHinduism
15.WarBattle of Haldighati
17.PredecessorMaharana Udai Singh
18.SuccessorRana Amar Singh

Some historians had also written that at the time when Maharana Pratap Singh was born, his father Rana Udai Singh had fallen from war and insecurity, as soon as he came to know that he had received the son Ratna, then he Conquered in the war, Maharana Pratap was the king of Sisodia dynasty in Mewar, this mighty brave patriot was the people-beloved.

Maharana Pratap was taught sword and shield since childhood, his father used to teach him the knowledge of weaponry and in childhood, he got proficiency in the sword, after that his father sent him to Guru Raghavendra for his education. , Raghavendra Ji completely imparted all the teachings of weaponry and prepared such a skilled warrior, which no one could compete with because Akbar himself was never afraid of him because of the fighting skills of Maharana Pratap Singh. Didn’t appear.

Since childhood, Maharana Pratap acquired such a sharp intellect and mastery in the arts of weapons and became such a beloved prince of the subjects that everyone started seeing him as a king, gradually Maharana Pratap grows up.

Meanwhile, Akbar attacked Mewar, in this war all the special friends and feudatories of Maharana Pratap like Jaimal, and Patta had sacrificed their lives in Kala, this devastating war in which Rajputs stirred up Akbar’s army with their indomitable courageous valor. Had created, Akbar also gave some such scenes in this war as he had never seen before, that is why Akbar installed the statue of Jaimal and Patta at the main gate of his Agra fort.

And from here Maharana Pratap and his family members had to leave Mewar and they went towards Udaipur, where they built a new fort in Udaipur and started living there. Meanwhile, Rana Udai Singh’s health started deteriorating and because of that, he died.

Here Rana Udai Singh’s second wife Rani Bhatiani conspired to have her son Jagmal declared king and Maharana Pratap Singh was sent to be elected in the forests, after that when Maharana Pratap came to know about all this truth, he again After attacking Udaipur, Jagmal was removed from the throne, because Jagmal started committing a lot of atrocities on the subjects and had joined hands with that Mughal. 

For this reason, some special feudal lords of Maharana Pratap asked him to take this step that in the interest of the subjects, he should remove Rana Jagmal from there, in this way Maharana Pratap conquered Udaipur and while staying there, Mughal Akbar was defeated. In the meantime, the battle of Haldighati rang and Maharana Pratap Singh had freed sixes of Akbar’s army in the battle of Haldighati.

Similarly, Maharana Pratap never accepted subordination in front of Akbar in his life and always fought against Akbar for the love of his country and his subjects, Akbar was also afraid of the name of Maharana Pratap and Akbar was never Rana Pratap did not come in front of the battle, he always sent his general for the war.

In the end, on January 19, 1597, Maharana Pratap died due to a wound in his heart, but Maharana Pratap left a mark in the hearts of the people in such a way that he is still in the hearts the people and in every particle of this stream. It is their abode.

Coronation of Maharana Pratap

When Rana Udai Singh died, after that the throne became vacant, then the youngest queen of Udai Singh got her son Jagmal declared king, but all the feudal and public protested this, but Maharana Pratap Remembering his father’s last words, he left the kingdom and went to the jungles, after that Jagmal made a treaty with Akbar and accepted Mewar’s subjugation under Akbar, then he re-ruled after listening to his chief feudatories and the public. Decided to take over.

The first coronation of Maharana Pratap took place in the hills of Gogunda on 28 February 1572 AD. Maharana Pratap’s second coronation took place on 1 March 1573 in Kumbhalgarh fort, at this time Rao Chandrasen of Marwar was also present there.

marriage of maharana pratap

Marriage of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was married to Ajabde Panwar in his childhood, Maharana Pratap had a total of 11 marriages. Maharana Pratap did not want him to have so many marital relations, but Akbar lived one by one with Rajputs in Rajputana, Because all the Rajputs started supporting Akbar, that’s why Maharana Pratap also followed this policy and started marrying more and more, in this way Maharana Pratap Singh did a total of 11 marriages and had 16 sons.

The name of the eldest son of Maharana Pratap was Amar Singh, who was a very brave warrior, he followed the path told by his father and never accepted submission before Akbar.

It is said that Amar Singh proved to be a king many times more powerful than Maharana Pratap, but seeing the starvation and bad condition of the people in his kingdom, he had made a treaty with Akbar which he had fulfilled this treaty with some conditions to Akbar so that He could take full care of his state and his people.

Battle of Chittorgarh

Akbar’s policy was always to expand his kingdom. That is why Akbar attacked Chittorgarh in 1567 AD, this time Maharana Pratap’s age was only 27 years old. Akbar started laying siege around the fort, in which 8000 Rajput soldiers and 40,000 farmers were locked inside the fort.

Akbar’s siege lasted from 20 October 1567 – to 23 February 1568 and finally, Udai Singh and his family had to get out safely from the palace because it was impossible to have water and food in the fort for such a long time. became overlord. After this Akbar made many efforts to find Udai Singh and his family but all those efforts were unsuccessful.

On the other hand, the Rajputs have now decided to fight the last battle and all the Rajputs have committed Jauhar, after that the Rajputs waged a fierce battle in which great brave warriors sacrificed their valor and bravery and attained martyrdom.

Battle of Haldighati

On 18 June 1576, this historic battle of Haldighati was fought in which Akbar’s army was led by Raja Mansingh I of Jaipur, in this war Maharana Pratap was supported by the tribal tribe Bhils.

Before the battle of Haldighati, Akbar also sent 4 agreements to Maharana Pratap to accept Akbar’s submission, but Maharana Pratap did not do so after that Akbar sent Mansingh to attack Udaipur with a very large army. . Mansingh knew that we will reach Udaipur only when we cross the pass of Haldighati and that Haldighati was completely covered with the hilly area and on the other side the forest where the Bhils ruled, like Mansingh did that pass to enter Haldighati. When he tried to cross, the Bhils attacked them by guerrilla method, which caused a stir in Akbar’s army.

Eventually, the Mughal army reached Haldighati by some means, after which a fierce battle was fought here, in which Maharana Pratap brought his 3000 cavalry soldiers and 400 Bhil archers on the battlefield. On the other hand, Akbar’s commander Mansingh had kept the command of 5000 to 10,000 soldiers in his hand, in a fierce battle that lasted for 3 hours, Maharana Pratap sacrificed 1600 soldiers and Akbar lost 3000 to 7000 soldiers.

After 3 hours, Maharana Pratap was badly injured, then his special ministers asked him to go away from the battlefield. Rana Pratap did not agree to this but was forcibly thrown out of the battlefield. After this, Akbar’s army was able to capture only around Gogunda while Maharana Pratap escaped safely through the forest route.

Sacrifice for Chetak

When Maharana Pratap was badly injured in the battle of Haldighati, at that time the leg of Maharana Pratap’s horse was also cut off by the sword in front of Akbar’s elephant. After that, Chetak, the horse of Maharana Pratap, contributed to getting Maharana Pratap out of the safe battleground, and after putting 28 feet long drain, Maharana Pratap’s horse died. At this time two chief generals of Akbar were chasing him, at the same time Maharana Pratap’s brother Shakti Singh came and gave his horse to Maharana Pratap and made Chetak’s mausoleum there and sent Maharana Pratap forward.

Chetak’s mausoleum remains in the Haldighati village of Rajasthan even today and many folk songs are also composed on Chetak horse in Rajasthan, perhaps the only horse in the world on which so many songs and poems have been made, Chetak has dedicated his devotion and country. Showing love, and intelligence, Maharana Pratap was taken out of the war even after being injured.

The death of Maharana Pratap and The reaction of Akbar

Akbar made many efforts throughout his life to repay Maharana Pratap in front of him, but Maharana Pratap never bowed down to Akbar.

Once Maharana Pratap had gone hunting in the forest, at that time, while hunting, a lion hit his chest, due to which his heart was badly hurt and the wound inside had increased a lot, after this Maharana Pratap His health gradually deteriorated and on 19 January 1597, Maharana Pratap died in Chabad.

It is said that when the news of Maharana Pratap’s death reached Akbar, Akbar cried and said that “I have fought many wars till today, many kings have faced me, but today I have met a courageous fearless king like Maharana Pratap. Not even seen, who never accepted submission before me for his small kingdom, he considered Maharana Pratap as the supreme king more than himself, who never bowed before anyone for the interest of his subjects.

Akbar had also said at this time that whenever the name of Akbar and Maharana Pratap will be taken in India, then the name of Maharana Pratap will be taken before me wholeheartedly.

I hope guys like this information about the Maharana Pratap. 

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