Full Form of SDM | Sub Divisional Magistrate

Full Form of SDM

What is the full form of SDM?

The full form of SDM is Sub Divisional Magistrate. SDM is an administrative officer who is fully responsible for managing, administration, and governance of subdivisions. Subdivision is an division of districts. The subdivisions are larger  than the tehsils or Taluka but smaller than the districts.

Because they are formed by dividing districts.

Subdivisions are administered and controlled by an administrative officer known as the SDM.

Sub-divisional magistrates are typically below the district-level Officers as per the Indian government structure.

The state government usually appoints junior members of the Indian  Administrative Service (IAS) with relevant work experience or senior officers of the State Civil Service (PCS)  with relevant work experience as the Sub-divisional magistrates(SDM).

The state government gives an SDM the power of executive magistrate and collector. Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) is a PCS ranking officer, who conducts the magisterial duties under the 1973 criminal procedure code and many other minor actions. SDM is permitted to control the tax inspector and all the sales or subdivisions by the Collector magistrate.

The Subdivisional Magistrate(SDM) has complete control over the Tahsildars of his subdivision. He is responsible for representing a link of connection among the Tahsildars and subdivision’s District Officer.

Responsibilities of SDM

SDM plays an important role in smooth functioning of government services as well as administrative system at sub-divisional level.

SDM is responsible for following tasks such as:

  1. Vehicle registration
  2. Revenue functions
  3. Maintaining Law and order in sub division.
  4. Implementing programs and schemes of government
  5. Settlement of disputes related to land
  6. Providing fund and relief to natural disasters victims.
  7. Election work
  8. Marriage registration
  9. Issue and renewal of driving license
  10. Issues of domicile
  11. Issues of category certificates like OBC, SC/ST certificates.

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