What are the Benefits of Study Abroad

Study Abroad

There are many benefits that come with studying abroad in a foreign country. Studying abroad will allow you to expand your horizons, learn new skills and build confidence, as well as develop a wider social circle and make friends who will stay with you through life. You’ll also be able to build your resume by accumulating experiences in another culture, giving you more opportunities at home once you graduate from college.

Becoming Independent and Confident.

Students who study abroad have to be self-reliant. They will have to learn new skills, make new friends and get a job if they want to survive in the real world. In this way, study abroad can help students become more independent and confident in themselves as well as their abilities.

Discovering a New City or Country.

Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. And it’s not just about seeing new places and experiencing new cultures, but also learning about them. You can learn about history, culture and customs from people who live in that country or city for years before you arrive there.

When I was studying abroad in Florence Italy during my junior year of college (2007), our program allowed us to visit some amazing sites such as Pisa tower and Michelangelo’s David statue!

Expanding Your Social Circle and Developing Friendships.

You will have the chance to make friends from other countries and cultures. This can be a great way to expand your social circle and develop friendships, as you can learn more about others while also learning about yourself. These types of experiences will help you become more well-rounded, which is important when it comes to finding employment or furthering your education after graduation.

You will also meet people who are studying abroad in your own country! If this sounds appealing, consider applying for financial aid through the Office of International Education (OIE) at UMass Lowell so that you can take advantage of these opportunities as well!

Learning the New Language.

In addition to the benefits of studying abroad, language immersion is one of the most important components of study abroad. Learning a new language can be a challenge on its own and can make it difficult for you to communicate with other students in your host country. However, if you’re enrolled in an intensive program or immersion program, this challenge will turn into an advantage because it helps you learn a new skill that will last throughout your life!

If English isn’t your native tongue (or if you want to learn another language), then enrolling in classes or taking classes is also an effective way of improving upon your communication skills while abroad. There are plenty of opportunities out there; just look around!

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Career-Related Benefits.

Career Related Benefits
Career Related Benefits
  • Students can gain a competitive advantage in the job market. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about your career path, which will help you as you begin planning for future opportunities. You may find that studying abroad helps prepare you for a certain type of job or profession, such as being an engineer or doctor, but not necessarily all jobs within those fields—you may find that having certain skills (like math) makes it easier for employers to hire someone from outside their field who has studied abroad!
  • Students can gain better understanding of their career path and how best fit into it by learning about other industries, cultures and ways of doing things through studying abroad. This can help prepare students for what’s next once they graduate college; knowing how different fields operate will give them an idea of how much networking skills are important when applying for jobs or internships/co-ops after graduation

Becoming More Focused and Motivated.

  • You will become more focused. When you are away from home, it’s easy to get distracted by other things and lose sight of your goals. However, studying abroad gives you a chance to focus on what matters most in life: learning!
  • You’ll be more motivated than ever before. Spending time abroad can make you feel like a student again because suddenly everything becomes exciting again—and there’s nothing better than feeling motivated!
  • You’ll learn how to communicate with people from different cultures or backgrounds than yours (or even from different countries). Studying abroad allows students from all over the world to interact with each other through language barriers or cultural differences; this leads them down paths where they discover new perspectives on life or themselves as well as new ways of thinking about how best fit into society at large

Overcoming a Fear of Flying and Being in New Environments.

The most obvious benefit of studying abroad is overcoming your fear of flying. You’ll be able to fly on a plane, and even if it’s not the most comfortable experience, at least you can get there!

You’ll also learn how to adapt to new environments. This can mean anything from traveling around the world or even just moving into your dorm room for the first time—it doesn’t matter where or how long you live there; learning how to adapt will help set you up for success when it comes time for graduate school applications or job interviews later on down the line.

Studying abroad will give students an opportunity to learn more about themselves while also broadening their horizons beyond what they’re used too learning in high school/college classrooms.”

Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills.

Studying abroad can help you to be more creative and flexible, as well as improve your problem-solving skills. You will have to solve problems that you might not have encountered before and work with people from different cultures. For example, when we studied in New Zealand and Australia, our professors taught us how to write assignments on topics that were outside of our comfort zone (such as writing about the history of rugby). This helped us learn how to take risks while still keeping an eye on what works best for each individual student.

Studying abroad also provides an opportunity for independence because there are fewer barriers between yourself and the world around you than at home; this means that studying abroad allows students not only greater freedom but also greater responsibility.

Increase Your Adaptability and Creativity.

Increase Your Adaptability and Creativity
Increase Your Adaptability and Creativity

Study abroad students can become more adaptable and creative.

  • Adaptability: The ability to adjust your behavior or thoughts in response to new situations is called “accommodation”. For example, if you’re studying in an unfamiliar culture, your behavior must change because of the differences between yourself and others around you. This is different than learning how people interact within a group setting because then one’s personality doesn’t change much at all (it still depends on where they came from).
  • Creativity: If a student has been exposed only through books or lectures, they may not be able to fully visualize what they are seeing until they actually experience it firsthand; however this does not mean anything new cannot be learned through observation alone!

Develop a Global Perspective.

The best way to develop a global perspective is through study abroad. Students should be aware of the world around them, and they should be able to relate to people from different cultures. They should also understand different points of view, adapt quickly to new environments and situations, and appreciate all cultures for what they are rather than criticizing them because of differences in beliefs or practices.

Enhance Career Opportunities.

Studying abroad is a great way to enhance your career opportunities. A recent study found that students who studied abroad are more likely to get a job and be promoted, which can lead to higher-paying positions in their field of study. Students who study abroad also have an increased possibility of being hired by multinational companies, as well as considered for leadership roles at these companies.

Make Lifelong Friends.

Make Lifelong Friends
Make Lifelong Friends

Study abroad is a great way to make lifelong friends. You will be able to share your experiences with the people from all over the world and learn about different cultures and customs. You’ll also have a support network when you return home, which can help you adjust back into daily life after being away for a few months or longer.

It’s Good for Students to Go Abroad.

If you’re an undergraduate student, there are many reasons why studying abroad is beneficial. Whether it’s for a semester or two years, students should consider going abroad if they have the opportunity.

In particular, studying abroad can give students a chance to experience different cultures and lifestyles that may be difficult to experience at home because of location or time constraints. It also gives them an opportunity to grow their knowledge about different academic subjects by engaging with faculty members from other institutions in which they might not otherwise have access as well as meeting people outside their usual circle of friends and acquaintances who share similar interests but speak another language or native tongue altogether!


Studying abroad is an opportunity that can change your life. By taking advantage of it, you can not only broaden your horizons, but also prepare yourself for a successful career in whatever field you choose. You may even discover a new passion or interest that leads to lifelong happiness and success!

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