NCERT Solutions For Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 1 A Letter to God

A Letter to God

A Letter to God is the first chapter of the NCERT English textbook for Class 10, First Flight. The chapter is a short story about a poor farmer who writes a letter to God requesting money to fix his damaged crops. The story is set in a small village in Mexico, where rain is scarce and agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the villagers. The chapter introduces students to the themes of faith, hope, and the power of belief. In this article, we will discuss NCERT solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 1, A Letter to God.

NCERT Solutions For Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 1: A Letter to God Summary

The chapter, A Letter to God, is a story about a farmer named Lencho who is dependent on his crops for his livelihood. One day, a hailstorm destroys his crops, leaving him with nothing. He decides to write a letter to God requesting money to help him repair his crops. Lencho believes that God will help him, and he is convinced that God will send him the money he needs.

Lencho sends the letter to the post office, and the postmaster is amused by the letter. However, he decides to help Lencho by asking his colleagues to contribute some money. The postmaster sends the money to Lencho, but Lencho is not satisfied. He believes that the amount he has received is less than what he asked for, and he is convinced that God must have taken some of the money for himself. Lencho writes another letter to God, thanking him for the money, but also asking him to send the rest of the money he had requested.

NCERT Solutions For Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 1: A Letter to God Analysis

The chapter, A Letter to God, is a simple story with a deep meaning. It introduces students to the themes of faith, hope, and the power of belief. The story teaches students that faith in oneself and one’s beliefs can help overcome any obstacle. The story also highlights the importance of gratitude, as Lencho is thankful for the money he has received, even though it is less than what he had asked for.

The story also teaches students about the power of language. Lencho’s letter to God is a powerful example of the ability of words to convey meaning and emotion. Lencho’s letter shows the power of language to connect people, express feelings, and inspire others.

NCERT Solutions For Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 1: A Letter to God Questions and Answers

1. What did lencho hope for

Ans. Lencho is hoping for rain

2. Why did lencho say the raindrops were like “new coins”?

Ans. It was because raindrops would resemble the new coins

3. How did the rain change? What happened to Lencho’s fields?

Ans. The rain changed as hailstone began to fall. Lensho’s fields were covered with hailstones and the whole crop was destroyed.

4. What were lencho’s feelings when the hail stopped?

Ans. When the hail stopped lenchos felt that it was a total loss. A plague of locusts would have left more than that year they would go hungry. Lencho was desperate. He passed that night in sorrow.

5. Who or what did lencho have faith in? What did he do?

Ans. Lencho had faith in god. He wrote a letter to god demanding help from him.

6. Who read the letter?

Ans. The postmaster read the letter.

7. What did the postmaster do then?

The postmaster did not want to break Lencho’s faith in god. So he decided to answer the letter and send money to lencho.

8. Was Lencho surprised to find a put single letter for him with money in it?

Lencho was not surprised to find a letter for him with money.

9. What made him angry?

He become angry when he counted the money. Actually, Lencho had demanded 100 pesos but only 70 pesos reached him. He thought that god could not deny him what he had demanded. Certainly, the post-office employees might take the money. So lencho was angry

10. What does Lencho have complete faith in? What sentences in the story tell you this?

Ans. Lencho has complete faith in god. The following sentences in the story tell us this-

A) But in the hearts of all who lived in that solitary house in the middle of the valley, there was a single hope: help from god.

B) He wrote “To God” on the envelope.

C) “What faith! I wish I had the faith of the man who wrote this letter.”

D) “God: of this money that I asked for, only seventy pesos reached me. send me the rest, since I need it very much.”

11. Why does the postmaster send money to Lencho? Why does he sign the letter “God”?

Ans. The postmaster sends money to Lencho because he doesn’t want to shake his faith in God. He has been stunned by the immense faith of the writer in God. He signs the letter “God” so that the writer thinks that God himself has sent the money. It has not been sent by some other person. He wants to keep his faith or hope in God alive.

12. Did Lencho try to find out who had sent the money to him? Why/Why not?

Ans. No, Lencho did not try to find out who had sent the money to him because he had immense faith in God. He did not show the slightest surprise on seeing the money; such was his confidence. On the other hand, he became angry when he counted the money. He thought that God could not have made mistake nor could he have denied him what he had requested of him.

13. Who does Lencho think has taken the rest of the money? What is the irony in the situation? (Remember that the irony of a situation is an unexpected aspect of it. An Ironic situation is strange or amusing because it is the opposite of what is expected.

Ans. Lencho thinks that the past-office employee has taken the rest of the money. The Irony in the situation is that the people (post-office employees) who really helped Lencho with money were suspected of him. He called them a bunch of crooks. The situation is ironic as instead of praising the post-office employees for help they curse them. It is just the opposite of what is expected of him. It is strange and assuming. but this is because of Lencho’s immense faith in God.

14. Are there people like Lencho’s in the real world? What kind of a person would you say he is?

Ans. No, the people like Lencho are not there in the real world.

Lencho is a hard-working farmer. Heavy rain and hailstorm destroy his crops. As a result, the only hope for him in this hour of need is the help of God. He has firm faith in God. He believes that God will come to his rescue. He wrote a letter to God to send him 100 pesos. The postmaster at first breaks out laughing but the other moment he turns serious at the immense faith of the man who has written this letter. The postmaster decides to answer the letter to God in order not to shake the writer’s faith in God. On behalf of God, he sends him only seventy pesos as he is able to collect only that much amount. Lencho doesn’t show the slightest surprise at seeing the money. Such is his confidence. He becomes angry about counting the money. He again writes a letter to God to send him the remaining 30 pesos directly instead of sending it through the mail. He calls the post-office employees a bunch of crooks.

Thinking about Language

1. Depending on the type of storm, various regions of the world have different names for them. Can you complete the gaps and match the names in the box with the descriptions that go with them?

  • cyclone,
  • gale,
  • whirlwind,
  • hurricane,
  • tornado,
  • typhoon.
  1. A tropical cyclone with ferocious winds that spiral around in a circle_.

2. an incredibly powerful breeze _ a _.


3. a dangerous tropical cyclone with extremely powerful winds __ p __.

4. A severe storm with a funnel-shaped cloud at its core __n__.

5. High winds and a powerful storm, especially in the western Atlantic Ocean __ r__.

6. A very powerful wind that causes a lot of damage and moves quickly in a whirling motion __l__.

7. Match the definition of “hope” in column B with the sentences in column B.

1.Will you be able to study the courses you desire in college? So, I hope.(a)a sentiment that suggests positive events are likely to occur.
2.I hope it’s okay for me to say this, but I don’t like the way you two are debating.(b)imagining that this would occur (it may or may not have happened.)
3.HIV/AIDS patients will have new hope as a result of this discovery.(c)ceased anticipating this positive outcome.
4.In vain, we hoped that the judges wouldn’t catch our errors.(d)wishing for something to occur (and thinking it quite possible)
5.In an effort to speak with her before she left for school, 1 called early.(e)Being courteous is taking care that what you say won’t bother or upset the other person.
6.Seven days after the cyclone, just as everyone had given up hope, the fisherman returned.(f)Despite the slim chance, one can hope for the unexpected.

1. (b)
2. (e)
3. (a)
4. (f)
5. (d)
6. (c)

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