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A leave letter is a document that you get your employer to sign when you are on maternity or paternity leave. It gives the company a record of your absence, and it lets them know when you plan to return. This will help them avoid trouble in the future if they need to call on your expertise again. In this article knowledge glow will cover every thing which is related to Leave.

What is a leave letter?

Leave letters are a formal letter that you write to your employer, requesting some time off. The leave letter should be written in a formal manner and should be addressed to the appropriate person. It should contain all the relevant information about your leave request and include:

  • Your full name
  • Your address, phone number and email address (if available)
  • A date when you expect to return from your holiday/sickness/family commitments…
  • The reason for your leave request (e.g. vacation, sickness, family commitments) Your signature

When should you write a leave letter?

You should write a leave letter when you need to take some time off from work. You may be on vacation, sick or have family commitments that require your attention but have no other way of informing your employer about it. If you are leaving for vacation, The letter should include: Your full name Your address, phone number and email address (if available) A date when you expect to return from your holiday/sickness/family commitments The reason for your leave request (e.g. vacation, sickness, family commitments

How to format a leave letter?

When you are writing a leave letter, it is important that you use a formal tone and keep it simple. A complex format will not only make your application look unprofessional but also difficult to read.

The best way to format a leave letter is by using templates or free sample templates online as they will help you in making sure that your leave application is properly laid out with all necessary information clearly marked.

What should you include in your leave letter?

Some of the most important key points to mention in your leave application:

  1. Salutation
  2. Purpose of the application (subject)
  3. Reason for leave
  4. Number of leaves your required (particular dates)
  5. What’s your work plan during your absence
  6. Contact information
  7. Signature

What should you avoid putting in your leave letter?

You should avoid the following phrases and words:

  • “I”
  • “we”
  • “you”

These can be a sign of weakness in your letter. If you’re applying for leave, it’s important that you demonstrate confidence and authority. It’s also important that others see how much experience and skill you have with this type of work situation. So if there is someone else who could fill in for him/her while he /she is on vacation (e.g., an assistant), then make sure to include their name as well so that they don’t feel left out or forgotten by management when reading through all of these applications together at once (and so everyone knows someone else was hired).

How to make your leave letter stand out?

  • Use a personal tone.
  • Be specific about your achievements.
  • Be specific about your future plans.
  • Be specific about the impact you have made in your role and the skills you will bring to your new role, if applicable. If this is not applicable, then just state that you are looking for a new challenge and what sort of opportunities would make you excited about working for us again down the line.

Some common types of leave requests

Here are some common types of leave requests that employees usually apply for leave.

Annual leave: This is a standard type of leave that allows employees to take time off from work for holiday purposes. In most cases, it is paid. Sick leave: This is another common type of leave that allows employees to take time off for medical reasons.

Parental leave: This is a type of leave that allows employees to take time off from work in order to care for their new born or newly adopted child. It is usually paid. Study leave: This is another common type of leave that allows employees to study full-time and still receive a salary from their company.

Medical leave: This is a type of leave when you are suffering from an sickness or injury, you can take a short-term leave ranging from one day to a some weeks.

Family leave: This is a leave that you apply for if you need to take care of a family member or loved one who is ill. It can also be used for maternity leave, paternity leave and parental leave.

Bereavement leave: This is a leave you can take if you experience the loss of a family member, friend or colleague. In some cases, it may also be used to mourn the death of a pet.

Vacation leave: Vacation is time off from work which you can use to travel or visit friends and family.

One-day leave: This is a day off from work which you can use for personal reasons. It’s commonly used by employees to attend a funeral, wedding or other important event.

Half-day leave: If you only require a few hours away from work to complete an errand or finish an urgent task, you can apply for a half-day leave. As per your schedule, you can request to come in later than usual or leave before the end of the workday.

Personal leave: This type of leave is used to attend to personal matters, such as attending a family member’s funeral, family celebration, wedding, event or visiting your children’s school, then you can apply for personal leave. Depending on the occasion, this leave usually lasts for a some days.

Compassionate leave: This type of leave may be offered by an employer when they’re experiencing a difficult time in their life.

Example of a Leave Letter

  • Introduction:
  • Hello, my name is [your name],
  • I am applying for a leave of absence from my job.
  • I have been with this company for several years now, and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. However, since my youngest child was born last year, I’ve found that taking care of him has become more difficult than ever before. He needs attention at all times; indeed he cries often in the middle of the night when he wakes up or wakes up early in the morning after having had a bad dream (and sometimes even when he’s just hungry).

    The only way I can get some sleep is if someone else takes care of him while I take care myself during daytime hours; however this may not be possible due to work commitments outside your office building where you work as well as home responsibilities such as cooking dinner every evening plus doing laundry during weekends when no one else will help out around here either way!
  • your faithfully
  • Xyx [your name]

Leave letter template

It is important to note that the leave letter template below is a sample. You should use your own words and format the letter in accordance with your own needs and circumstances.

  • Leave Letter Template:
  • Name of employee(s) leaving company/organization
  • Reason for leaving (e.g., retirement, relocation)
  • Date of departure/termination
  • If applicable, please include information about how you’re planning to fund your move costs while you are out on leave.*
Anual Leave


If you’re looking to apply for leave, we hope that our tips and templates have given you the confidence to do so. Even if you’re not sure what type of leave letter to write, it can be helpful to keep in mind that most organizations value applicants who take initiative—so if you want your application to stand out, make sure there’s a personal touch. Remember: it’s never too early or too late (or too long) for an application!

Frequently asked questions on leave

When do you plan to return?

The best time to ask this question is when you are actually considering taking a leave. If you have already been thinking about taking a leave, then you might be a little more prepared to answer this question.

For Example: I plan to return from my leave on October 15 2022.

Who will cover any responsibilities you have while on leave?

The purpose of a leave letter is to outline the responsibilities that will be handled while you are out of work. This is so that your co-workers are aware of what they need to do in your absence and that everyone is on the same page.

What can the organization do to help you succeed on your leave?

When you are going on a leave, it is important to make sure that your manager is aware of it. Write a leave letter that is three to four sentences on why you are going on a leave and make sure that you have a backup plan in case you need to make that leave a reality.

Will you continue to be an active member of the organization while away?

Yes, I will, but I will need to ensure that I am doing so in a way that does not impede on the ability of the organization to function.

What will be your first priority upon returning from leave?

To start off, have a leave letter prepared that has what you will be doing upon returning, and the day to day schedule. Also, make sure to have a plan for how to create your own schedule as well as what to do when you don’t do anything for a day. If for some reason you find you can’t do any work until the next day, make sure to put something else on your list.

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