How to Solve 4x^2-5x-12=0 ?


if we want to solve 4x2-5x-12=0 then we can use the quadratic formula, which is given by:

Quadratic formula
Quadratic formula

Once in standard form, identify a, b and c from the original equation and Put them into the quadratic formula.

a=4 , b=4 and c=-12


Separate the equations:

Factor 4x^2-5x-12=0 Quadratic Equation?

Use quadratic equation 


Let’s Assume a = 4, b = -5, and c = -12 (Put the a b c value in formula)


Simplify the expression x=5±√217/8

Separate the equations



What is the Graph for 4x2-5x-12=0 ?

Here we are provide Graph for 4x2-5x-12=0

Graph for 4x^2-5x-12=0
Graph for 4x^2-5x-12=0


What is the 4×2-5x-12 0 Quadratic Formula?

4x 2 5x 12 0 quadratic formula is x=-b±√b2-4ac/2a

What is 4x2-5x+12=0 Discriminant?

The discriminant is the part of the quadratic formula under the radical, which is denoted by b2−4ac.

Let’s Put the values in formula b2-4ac.

a = 4, b = -5, and c = 12



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