How to Become an IAS Officer in India?

IAS Officer, How to Become IAS Officer

Becoming an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer is a dream for many young aspirants in India. The job’s prestige, power, and responsibility attract thousands of students every year. Becoming an IAS officer is not easy, but it is achievable with hard work, dedication, and perseverance. 

The Step-By-Step Indian IAS Recruitment Process

Step 1: Understand the Eligibility Criteria

It’s crucial to comprehend the requirements well before starting to study for the IAS exam. The following requirements must be satisfied, in accordance with the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) guidelines:

Nationality: Only nationals of India may submit an application.

Age Requirement: As of the first of August in the examination year, the candidate must be between the ages of 21 and 32. For applicants who fall within one of the designated categories, there are some age restrictions that are relaxed.

Education Requirement: The applicant must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. There is no set qualification for the field of study.

Step 2: Start Preparation Early

It is essential to start preparation early as the competition is very tough. At least six months prior to the exam date, aspirants should try to finish the full curriculum.  This gives enough time for revisions and clarifying doubts. There are various online and offline resources available which can be utilized for preparation. 

Step 3: Understand the Exam Pattern

The UPSC conducts a three-stage examination process for selection: Preliminary Examination, Main Examination, and Personal Interview. The Prelims consists of two objective-type papers based on general studies and aptitude. The Main examination consists of nine papers, seven are descriptive type and two are objective type based on the optional subject chosen by the candidate. Finally, the successful candidates are called for a personal interview round.

Step 4: Prepare for the Interview

Aspirants must prepare for this round through mock interviews, group discussions; current affairs updates etc. This will help them build confidence and practice their responses to various questions.

Step 5: Join an Ias Coaching Institute

Various coaching institutes offer specialized guidance for preparing for the IAS examination. Joining a good coaching institute can be highly beneficial as they provide access to study material, online resources, mock tests, and regular doubt clarification sessions by experienced faculty members.

Step 6: Stay Motivated

Becoming an IAS officer is not easy and requires consistent hard work and dedication – staying motivated throughout the process is important. Aspirants should remember why they chose this path and focus on their long-term goals. They should also take regular breaks to unwind and stay away from distractions.

How to Become an IAS Officer After 12th

To prepare for becoming an IAS Officer after 12th grade, it is recommended to start with reading the NCERT Books for UPSC. These books serve as the foundation for most subjects in the UPSC Preparation Strategy. It is advised to begin with the class 6th level book and move up to the class 12th level book when reading the NCERTs for the UPSC exam.

After completing the intermediate or class 12th, select an optional subject based on your interests from the List of Optional Subjects for UPSC. During your college years, make it a habit to read books related to your optional subject.

To Become IAS Officer, What to Study After the 10th?

To become an IAS officer, completing a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is essential. Therefore, after completing 10th, one needs to enroll in a 10+2 program in any stream (Science, Arts, or Commerce). After completing 10+2, one can pursue a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. 

Aspirants should focus on building a strong foundation in subjects like History, Geography, and Civics. They should also read newspapers, journals, and other current affairs-related material to improve their knowledge and understanding of various topics.

How to Become an IAS Officer After 10th

Choosing your favourite topics wisely if you aspire to become an IAS officer after clearing tenth grade. History and politics are essential for the UPSC exam as they overlap with general studies and are highly scored. Keep in mind your civil services preparation and gain mastery over the topics studied. Once you complete senior secondary school, select a graduation course with your chosen optional subject.

How Does a Woman Get Into the IAS?

Becoming an IAS officer is a dream for many girls in India. The good news is that no gender-specific criteria exist for the IAS exam. Girls can take up any stream in their higher secondary education and complete their bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the exam.

Girls who aspire to become IAS officers must prepare for the exam by following the same steps as boys. They need to understand the exam pattern, syllabus and prepare diligently for all three stages of the exam.

Ending Note

Clearing the UPSC exam and becoming an IAS officer requires immense dedication, hard work and focus. Aspirants should make a study plan, focus on preparing for the exam and stay motivated. They should also build their knowledge base early to maximize their potential during the UPSC preparation.

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