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Less Than Symbol
Less Than Sign

The less-than symbol is a fundamental Mathematical symbol that describes the difference between two values. In mathematics, there are several symbols that are used to conduct various arithmetic operations, hold some fixed values, and compare quantities using equality and inequality symbols. In this essay, Knowledge Glow will go through one of the inequality symbols named “Less than Symbol” in depth, using numerous instances.

What Is the Opposite of Symbol?

The Less-than sign is used to compare two values where the first number is less than the second number, for example, in ascending order. The opening angle bracket is approximated by the less than symbol. ” is the symbol used to express the less than inequality. The less than sign is an internationally recognised arithmetic symbol composed of two equal measure strokes intersecting in an acute angle at the left.

Less Than Symbol Illustration

  • 2 < 5: 2 is less than 5
  • 0.8 < 1.2: 0.8 is less than 1.2
  • -0.6 < -0. 1: -0.6 is less than -0.1

Maths Signs

The following is a list of all the Math Signs, as well as less than a symbol:

=Equal to4+3 = 7
Not equal to5 + 3 ≠ 9
>Greater than8 > 6
Greater than or equal toStudents ≥ 8
<Less than6 < 8
Less than or equal toStudents ≤ 70

How Do You Recall the Less Than Sign?

The “Alligator Method” is the best approach to remember the less-than sign. Consider the alligator approach for comparing two values. It is well known that the alligator’s mouth always points to the highest value, as this allows it to eat as much as possible. To signify less than inequity, the alligator’s mouth always opens to the right. To use more than a symbol, we can also use the alligator approach. To define the greater than symbol, the alligator’s mouth points to the left.


The less than disparity between two numbers, say 6 and 8, is expressed as

  • 2< 8
Less Than

The “L Method” is another way to remember the less-than symbol. The L technique is rather simple to remember the less than a sign. “Less than” begins with the letter “L,” and the symbol for the less-than sign () resembles the letter “L.”

Other terms that are used in conjunction with less than include:

  • Smaller than
  • Lower than
  • Fewer than
  • Not greater than
  • Below

Less Than Symbol Word Problems

Consider some of the tactics listed below before attempting to answer the less than sign inequality word problems.

  • Examine the entire issue.
  • Highlight the keywords that are significant and necessary to resolving the issue.
  • Determine the variables
  • Make a note of the equation.
  • Resolve the issue
  • Write the solution in full sentence format.
  • Explain your response.

Solved Example

Question: Arjun’s April profit of Rs.150 was at least Rs.11 less than his March profit. Determine Arjun’s profit for the month of March.


“April profit of Rs.150 was at least Rs.11 less than his March profit,” according to the supplied statement.

Let “P” represent the profit drop from March to April.

As a result, the inequality expression is

-11+P ≤ 150

When both sides are multiplied by 11, the inequality equation becomes,

P ≤ 161

As a result, Arjun’s profit for the month of March was over Rs.161.

Less Than

Frequently Asked Questions on Less Than Symbol

What Is the Significance of the Less Than Sign?

One of the inequality indications used to compare numbers is the less-than sign. The less sign is used when the first number is less than the second number. For instance, 5 10 That instance, the number 5 is less than the number 10.

What Other Words Are Used to Describe Less Than?

Other words for less than are smaller than, lower than, below, fewer than, not bigger than, and so on.

How Do You Symbolize “9 Is Less Than 20”?

“9 is less than 20” is expressed symbolically as 9 20.

What Are the Two Tricks for Remembering the Less Than Sign?

The less than symbol can be recalled as follows:

Alligator Method

L Method

How Do You Write 60 Is Less Than 70?

60 is not larger than 70 is represented mathematically as 60 70.

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