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Full Form of SSB

The service selection boards full name is SSB. The Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force are the three branches of the armed services. Officers of the Indian Armed Forces supervise the Service Selection Board, a five-day continuous selection procedure. An SSB board of assessors is composed of members of the Indian Armed Forces who have the specialties of Group Task Officers, Interviewing Officers, and Psychologists.

In India, there are thirteen service examination boards for the army, navy, and air force. Five days are spent on the (SSB) review procedure. The item below has information about the SSB’s full form.

Services Selection Board is how it is formally referred to. The Service Selection Board is the main entity in charge of assessing applicants for positions as officials in the Armed Forces. The traditional examination process, which includes interviews, personality assessments, and insight tests, is used by the Board to decide whether or not becoming an official is legitimate.

The Service Selection Board is a continuous five-day process of selection by recruitment officers. On the first day, the screening test is administered. 

On the second day, there are mental tests. On days three and four, a lot of tasks are completed. To discover more about the SSB complete form and related information, read the entire article.

SSB Highlights

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Service Selection Board Highlights
SSB Full FormService Selection Board
Selection Process Duration5
Number of SSB Boards13
Service Selection Board Highlights

Procedure for a Service Selection Board

A candidate’s personality, psychology, and ability for serving as an officer are evaluated as part of the routine. The candidate faces a different challenge and task every day of the five days. 

The candidate who successfully completes each level with the necessary marks is selected. Along with the SSB full-form description, we also talked about daily chores and challenges.

  • Day 0: This is a reporting day on the specific day of service selection. The candidate must present the required paperwork when they arrive at the business, at which point the verification process starts.
  • Day 1: The first stage of testing is carried out on Day 1. This includes two cognitive tests as well as a picture recognition and description test. A picture, either clear or fuzzy, is displayed to the candidates for 30 seconds as part of the test.
  • Day 2: A picture story writing project or a test on thematic perception are both provided on Day 2. PPDT-like, but with a more visible picture. Again, the candidates are given a picture to look at for thirty seconds before getting four minutes to come up with a plot.
  • Days 3 and 4: On days 3 and 4, there are a number of tasks for the applicants, a mix of solo and group responsibilities that a candidate must complete within the allocated time. An individual interview is then conducted by an interviewing officer.
  • Day 5: On the last day, a panel of officers formally consults with each candidate. During this direct talk, the officers evaluate the candidate’s life-based skills. The outcome is ultimately announced based on the candidate’s overall performance.


What is the full name of SSB?

The full form of SSB is Services Selection Board. Examining candidates for officer positions in the Indian Armed Forces is done by the Services Selection Board (SSB).

What is the Army’s SSB acronym in its entirety?

The Army’s Service Selection Board is known by its full name. The three armed services of India are the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force.

What about the SSB exam?

One of the most difficult interviews is SSB. Throughout this time, the candidates go through a number of rounds and assessments to assist in establishing their aptitude.

How many times can you take the SSB?

The maximum number of attempts is unrestricted, and the SSB Assessors encourage candidates to take the SSB numerous times.

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