Top 8 Free Tools For Students to turn Photo to Text with OCR

Free Online Photo to Text tools

Top 8 Free Online Photo to Text tools with OCR

There are certain places where students need to extract text from existing photos and process further editing. Changing photos into a Text file is not a longer issue. You can find that there are innumerable tools available around the web that lets you grab a text from existing photos. However, choosing one of the best image to text converters seems a daunting task. In this blog section, we have decided to shortlist a few top picks that do not involve huge manual intervention to convert your image into text file format.

Thing to Remember:

OCR is an acronym for (Optical Character Recognition) is the full-fledged process that uses advanced features to extract text from a scanned PDF image or just a photo. This process is mainly considered as a form of information entry from different copies of printing and something related to that. You can experience high quality OCR-based photo to text conversion with that is loaded with free image to text converter. 

One Note:

This is referred to as one of the super-fast sources that offers the best OCR-based feature to make swift image to text extraction. The process is quite simple, all you require is to right-click on the existing photos that are loaded with text, select the Picture option and then hit Copy the Text.

Google Drive:

If you’re seeking the best picture to text converter that offers remarkable OCR-based outcomes, then Google Drive and Google Docs works best for you. All you people require is to upload the image files to your GDrive and simply open it with Google Docs. 

Once your existing photo is opened in Google Docs, you can see that the text embedded in your photo is already completely extracted and also entirely pasted into the same document. Thankfully, you people have done that’s all!

Photo Scan:

Get this free and full-fledged source that offers a built-in OCR function to extract text from pictures imported to this handy application. No matter at all whether your photo is placed into your computer, in a clipboard, or just captured from the device camera, this image to text converter takes care of conversion to a great extent.

Online Converter:

This is referred to as one of the best online web-based converters that offers free to use OCR tools. Its photo to text converter online is a simple and easy to navigate OCR tool that does not require special skills to extract text from images. Despite that, you can also copy text from images and store it into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the assistance of its online JPG to Excel converter. This handy conversion source allows you to convert a batch of images at once to text files while preserving the original formatting of the text. The amazing thing is that its interface is straight-forward, just grab your images and drop them all at once into this JPG to text converter and let it do it all for you within no time. 

Capture 2 Text:

This is indicated as the most useful free portable tool that uses OCR a portion of the screen by using a keyboard shortcut. The extracted text by this image to the text converter will be automatically saved to the clipboard (it’s all done by default). You can use this tool to process OCR conversion in different languages such as German, Japanese, French, and more.

Card scanner:

When it comes to recognizing and storing paper business cards into digital files, Cardscanner is an ultimate option for you. This platform is mainly loaded with a business card reader app for iOS and Android devices that takes a couple of seconds to make text extraction. In addition to that, this platform designed the best OCR tools including JPG to Excel, Image to Text, and more to process full-fledged OCR based conversion. The most apparent reason to discuss this tool in this list is that it supports multi language for image text extraction. Remember that once your text is extracted with this photo to text converter, this tool allows you to save your converted file as PDF, HTML, Word (doc), or txt file formats. Also, you could now copy your extracted text into clipboard by making a single click right after the conversion. No sign up or any limitation takes place while turning your jpg, png, jpeg images into text files. 

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Although Propostseo is an ultimate option for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools, still works best for photos to text extraction. This online web-dependent source loaded with free to navigate image to text converter that only requires a couple of steps to extract text from the uploaded image file. Its free version only allow you to process 3 files at once – you ought to stick with its subscription plan to make batch images to text files conversion simultaneously. 

Free OCR:

It is another OCR tool through which you can process scanning from most Twain scanners with no quality loss. Also, it swiftly opens your most scanned PDF documents along with multi-page TIFF and different other image file formats. Keep in mind that this tool exported as a plain txt file that you people can convert again into MS Word document. The most apparent thing is that this tool allows you to proceed with OCR photo to text conversion on photos as well as PDF files.

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