Difference between Will and Will Be | Will vs Will Be

Will Be

Tenses are one of the most complicated grammar topics in English, especially with the future continuous and simple future tenses. This article will guide you about the usage of the verbs ‘will’ and ‘will be’.

Table Summarising the Difference between Will and Will Be

WillWill Be
Meaning ‘Will’ is used as a modal verb to emphasize actions/events that will take place in the future.‘Will be’ is used to refer to actions that will be happening in the future, for which the specific time is unknown.
UsageIt is used as a helping verb to denote the simple future tense. The words, as such, is also used as a noun.It is used as a helping verb to depict the future continuous tense.
ExampleAmy will participate in the competition.The flight will be landing any minute now.

The Difference between Will and Will Be – Meaning and Usage

Many individuals mistakenly believe that the words “will” and “will be” have the same meaning. When the word “will” is employed, it expresses conviction, meaning that the event or action being addressed will undoubtedly take place in the future. In contrast, the term “will be” is used in future continuous tenses to allude to acts that will occur at some point in the future. For instance, “Tom will fix this problem within minutes.” With “will,” the main verb’s base form is typically employed, and with “will be,” the present participle form. For instance, “My parents are going to the church” or “My parents are going to the church.” Although they cannot be employed interchangeably, both verb tenses are utilized to denote future acts.

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Examples of Will and Will Be

The examples that follow will make its application much clearer for you.

  • The Spider-Man movie will be released soon.
  • will go to the market.
  • Manish will reach in some time.
  • They will be working on it.
  • Aadhithya will cook dinner for us.
  • Seena and Ritu will be visiting us.

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