NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi Chapter 1 – Iss Jal Pralay Mein

Iss Jal Pralay Me

Kritika Class 9 Chapter 1 NCERT Solutions

Introduction to chapter 1 “Iss Jal Pralay Me”

Phanishwar Nath Renu wrote a report-style story for Kritika’s first chapter, “Iss Jal Pralay Me.” The narrator’s experiences during the flood that hit his hamlet are chronicled in this chapter. The narrator did not learn to swim because they lived in a much safer area, just like the rest of the community. This fact is further explored in the narrative, which also shows how curious the people were to witness the rising waters for the first time in their lives.

The account includes specifics like Gol-Ghar’s inundation and the ministers’ escape from the Raj-Bhavan. Even amid such difficult circumstances, the author and the villagers’ interest are mentioned in the story. The narrator then goes on to detail the different challenges that the villagers encountered during the flood as well as how the water caused the landscape to change from lush green to brown and dirty.

The author wishes he had a camera or recorder to capture the changes he saw during the flood as the story comes to a close. Finally, the author acknowledges seeing the dramatic changes caused by the flood and in some ways feels fortunate not to have a camera so he could really appreciate nature.

The narrative will aid young readers in their exploration of Hindi literature’s report-based writing style. The author’s story is regarded as one of her best-known creations.

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