A Happy Child Class 1 English Poem

A Happy Child

The Class 1 English poem “A Happy Child” is one of the most intriguing poems in the CBSE English curriculum. Class 1 English poems cover a wide range of topics, including self, family, animals, nature, etc. Poems help children develop strong reading, writing, and speaking skills.

English Poems for Class 1 are a great way to express yourself verbally. These are more lyrical, crisper, and meaningful. These English Poems for Class 1 are written in short, simple lines that are easy for children to understand.

A Happy Child Poem Summary

A Happy Child

A Happy Child rhymes are made up of eight short lines. We discover that the lines of this poem are for Class 1 students who use an effortless and straightforward collection of words. As a result, it is simple for children to distinguish. The poem’s narrator is a cheerful child. He or she describes his or her home, routine, a tree that provides shade from the sun, and where the child sits after playing.

We can see how the structure of Class 1 English poem is very simple. We can tell that the speaker is a child because the words in the poem are short and straightforward. Even the lines are unadorned but lovely and sweet.

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