Biography of Tenali Rama | Who Is Tenali Ramakrishna & Short Stories

Biography of Tenali Rama

We’ve all heard about Tenali Rama whose name was Tenali Ramakrishna at some time in our lives. Tenali Rama’s stories are frequently mentioned in school textbooks and we also watched them on many television channels. He was both a poet and a wise person. Throughout his life, He published a variety of poetry and was widely renowned for his wit and humor. 

In the 16th century, Telugu poet Tenali Ramakrishna, also known as Tenali Rama or Vikatakavi (jester poet), was born in Andhra Pradesh. He belonged to the group of eight court poets known as the Ashtadiggajas who served the great ruler Krishnadevaraya. Tenali is still well-known today for his intelligence, wit, and humor along with the popularity of his stories. He has written several religious writings in Telugu. 

He has a deep love for Vaishnavism, which is evident in his creations like Panduranga Mahatyam. Tenali Rama has been the subject of a large number of films and television series in India. A popular Hindi TV series that aired on Doordarshan in 1990. It was based on Kamala Laxman’s short tales.

Tenali Rama went by the name Garlapathi Ramakrishna. When Rama was growing up, his mother Lakshmi used to take care of the household while his father Garlapathi Ramayya, a Telugu Brahmin, used to practice punditry. Tenali Rama’s father is supposed to have died while he was a little child. He was then taken to his parent’s home by his mother. Tenali was the name of the town his mother came from.

Tenali’s narrative poems include Udbhataradhya Charitamu and Panduranga Mahatyam, which are now accessible. Panduranga Mahatyam is regarded as one of Telugu literature’s five major kavyas. This composition is dedicated to Panduranga, a form of Lord Vishnu who was a devoted devotee of Lord Vishnu. He is linked to Birbal, an advisor in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar who is well-known in mythology.

Fact About Tenali Rama

  • It is stated that Tenali Rama once worshipped Lord Shiva. He began worshipping Lord Vishnu, however, after subsequently converting to Vaishnavism. He had also changed his name to Ramakrishna.
  • Telugu literature has accorded a prominent place to Tenali Rama’s poetry, Panduranga Mahatmyam. This poem is considered one of the language’s five epics.
  • Along with being an accomplished writer, Tenali Rama once utilized his intellect to defend the Vijayanagara Empire from the Delhi Sultans.
  • It is also claimed that he was denied access to Gurukul schooling because of his conversion to Vaishnavism. Rama was never educated in his life as a result.

Tenali Rama’s Education And Background 

When we talk about Tenali Rama’s education and background, you will be surprised to learn that such a remarkable poet had no formal education. Tenali Rama, although uneducated, was fluent in Marathi, Tamil, and Kannada. 

Tenali is said to have converted to Vaishnavism. He began working in the famed Bhagwat Mela group to meet his requirements. He participated in a variety of programs as a member of this ensemble.

In Ramakrishna’s period, casteism had reached such ridiculous levels that even sub-castes were being refused education. According to legend, Ramakrishna endured similar prejudice in his own township despite being born into a Smaartha Brahmin family. 

He had grown into a full-fledged boy without becoming literate since he had been unable to obtain an education. He’d spent childhood wasting away with other ignorant youngsters. This influenced him later in life when he gained deeper empathy for the poorer classes.

When Ramakrishna was 10 years old, he started to become a bit more mature since back then, learning meant studying the Vedas, the Upanishads, and holy writings. He was distressed and humiliated since, besides being unable to read books, he was also unable to read letters. He became aware of his illiteracy.

Ramakrishna visited several pundits and respectfully implored them to take him on as a disciple. I’ll provide you with assistance in return. However, he received abuse and was expelled from ashrams and schools.

Only a few Shavite Brahmins lived in Tenali. They were destitute already. With the dejected words, “Get away, why should you struggle for this education?” 

The Kashi Scholar’s Demise

Once, a renowned Kashi scholar and his students visited Vijayanagar. In disputes about the Vedas, Upanishads, and Shastras, he had traversed North India and vanquished eminent intellectuals. The king greeted him when his quest arrived in Vijayanagar.

With a sense of significance, the student entered the court. The king heard him say. “Your Highness, I’ve heard there are renowned academics in your court,” Allow them to debate me. They will get my titles if I lose, of course. If they lose, they must acknowledge in writing that I am their master and accept their defeat.

The king entered, Then Ramakrishna questioned why they were still living if they couldn’t maintain the king’s good name. I am equipped for this. At this, the other seven academics graciously extended their titles to him and consented to become Ramakrishna’s students.

Despite being shocked by Ramakrishna’s choice, Krishnadevaraya made all the preparations for the competition.

The seven learned men who preceded him extolled his brilliance, and Ramakrishna followed them, treading over gold bricks that the servants had laid on the ground.

After that, Garalapadu’s beloved child begins to ask instructors to educate him because he can’t stand the disgrace of losing his scholarship. He was allegedly adopted by a sadhu at this point. 

The next Vikata Kavi fell at Kalika Devi’s feet after remembering Kavi Kalidasa’s instruction. 

Tenali Ramakrishna would repeat the name of his favorite god innumerable times, just like Maharishi Valmeeki did. A legend was created, and shortly after, the legend turned into history.

Tenali Rama Film and Cartoon serial

Tenali Rama is a popular Indian folktale character who is known for his wit and wisdom. He served as a court jester to the Vijayanagara Empire’s King Krishnadevaraya. There have been several films and cartoon serials made about Tenali Rama.

The Adventures of Tenali Raman

Tenali Rama Film
  • The Adventures of Tenali Raman (1993) is a Hindi-language film directed by R. Krishnamurthy.
  • It stars Raj Babbar as Tenali Rama and Hema Malini as his wife, Padmavati.
  • The film tells the story of Tenali Rama’s journey from a humble village boy to a wise and respected courtier.

Tenali Rama

  • Tenali Rama (2017) is an Indian television.
  • It tells the story of Tenali Rama and his wit and wisdom in helping King Krishnadevaraya solve problems and defeat his enemies.

Both the film and the cartoon serial are popular among children and adults alike. They provide us an insight into the personality of a wise and witty historical figure.

In addition to the film and the cartoon serial, there are also several books about Tenali Rama. These books tell the stories of his wit and wisdom in greater detail.

Tenali Rama is a fascinating character who has captured the imagination of people for centuries. His stories are a reminder that intelligence and wit can be used to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

Tenali Rama’s Famous Works 

Tenali Rama delighted the king and the locals by doing comedy performances that allowed them to unwind and forget about their troubles. He was a wise and honorable man who never used derogatory language. His wisdom has protected the monarch from the enemy. He served the monarch as a mentor, companion, and philosopher.

  1. Panduranga Mahatmyam
  1. Udbhataradhya Charitamu


A famous poet, known for his humorous antics, was also a wonderful scholar and a fervent follower of Goddess Kali Mata. Worshipping this wonderful poet will make us prosperous.


What Is the Cast of Tenali Rama?

The cast of Tenali Roma is Krishna Bharadwaj. In Tenali Ramakrishna serial Krishna Bharadwaj cast, a roll of Tenali Roma.

Who wrote Tenali Raman stories?

What Are Some of Tenali Rama’s Most Famous Stories?W

Here we are added some of the most most famous stories.

  • The story of the golden deer.
  • The story of the three ministers.
  • The story of the talking parrot.

What Can We Learn From Tenali Rama?

We can learn many lessons from Tenali Rama

  • Importance of Wit and Intelligence
  • Importance of humor
  • Importance of courage

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