5 Benefits of Paraphrasing You Need to Know


Paraphrasing refers to the modification of sentences and words to present the information differently and effectively. Multiple steps or ways are involved in writing the content in other words. It is practiced by people from every field, especially by students not only to make their content attractive but also for making it unique.

Paraphrase is a term derived from Latin. It was exercised generally by students in old times to remove or reword the classic text from western education. Since that time it has become popular for students to improve their poor academics.

So, today we are here with five benefits of paraphrasing your need to know. We hope the following benefits may convince you for paraphrasing content for uniqueness and enhancement in quality.

But, before listing the benefits, you must know:

Paraphrasing Online VS Manual: Which One is Better?

Paraphrasing can be preceded manually as well as online. In manual paraphrasing, you can change the words with their appropriate synonyms, change the voice of sentences, convert bullets to paragraphs and vice versa, and change the structure of sentences by swapping objects with subjects. On the other hand, content can also be paraphrased with the help of online paraphrasing tools.

We have paraphrased some sample content with online paragraphing tools like Paraphraser, Wordtune, etc. All of them performed almost equally well in paraphrasing the content without altering the actual intent of the content. Therefore, instead of paraphrasing manually, paraphrasing online is a better option. As it improves readability & produce the accurately desired results that is needed. You can see the results of online paraphrasing using the same sample text in different tools as shown in the figures below:

Paraphrasing with Paraphraser:

Paraphrasing with Wordtune:

Paraphrasing with Wordtune
Paraphrasing with Wordtune

Top 5 Benefits of Paraphrasing

These are five benefits of paraphrasing listed below:

1. Paraphrasing Helps Lessening Copied Content

The biggest benefit of paraphrasing is lessening plagiarism chances. Plagiarism is copying and using the exact sentences or text in your content that already exists somewhere else. It is unethical and can damage your reputation badly. Therefore, paraphrasing is used to make your content readable and unique from the original one.

First, you have to check for plagiarism in your content and if found, do paraphrase it. Plagiarism can be decreased by rephrasing because here we perform word changing, sentence restructuring, and content rearranging. Thus, it prevents plagiarism as it changes the entire structure of the content without affecting its meaning.

2. Paraphrasing Help Using Quotes without Quotation Marks

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Adding quotes to your content can make it more credible and authentic. Readers like to read content with quotations in it because quotations can convey a greater message in lesser words. Moreover, a statement by a famous person always has a bigger impact in comparison to a normal person.

But, overusing quotations in your content can devalue your point of view. Thus, sometimes instead of quoting the exact statement or words, paraphrase them. Paraphrasing the quotes will reduce the usage of quotation marks. However, never forget to cite the quotes to the source even after paraphrasing.

3. Paraphrasing Helps Improving Content Flow

Paraphrasing can also improve the flow of the content. In paraphrasing, we do not only replace words with synonyms but we also do consider their hardness. Always use easy-to-understand words in your content. Moreover, paraphrasing also involves the removal of harsh and slang words.

Shorting the sentence length and converting passive voice to active is also a process of paraphrasing and helps in improving the flow of content. Fluent content decreases the read time of content and saves the reader’s time. 

4. Paraphrasing Helps Enhancing Your Writing Skills

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Paraphrasing does not only decrease plagiarism, but it also enhances the content flow and reduces the usage of quotes which helps to improve your writing skills. Paraphrasing content involves synonyms finding no matter whether using Google or a paraphrasing tool. Ultimately, this process enhances your word collection.

Paraphrasing content regularly will make you an expert in the selection of words and writing concise sentences. Moreover, you will develop a habit of writing in an active voice tone only. So, keep on paraphrasing and analyzing the paraphrased content to enhance your writing ability.

5. Paraphrasing Saves Time 

An individual’s time is his most valuable possession. It may take a lot of time in rewriting content after being rejected due to lack of quality or plagiarism. Additionally, writing content from scratch is also a hectic and time-consuming task. Paraphrasing can help in both cases.

You can take some old text, paraphrase it with a paraphraser and use it in your content. Secondly, you can paraphrase your own content that contains plagiarism to save yourself from rewriting and time wastage.


We have tried to conclude this post with the best benefits of paraphrasing. We hope that paraphrasing helps in saving you time and effort. Moreover, it can also lessen plagiarism, improve readability, and reduce the usage of quotes. Remember, paraphrasing cannot compete with organic content writing. However, it can help in writing content but completing depending on paraphrasing isn’t a good practice.

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