Top 20 Important Physics Formulas for 10th Class CBSE

20 Important Physics Formulas


  • Newton’s Second Law of Motion: F = ma (Force = mass x acceleration)
  • Weight: W = mg (Weight = mass x gravity)
  • Work Done: W = Fd (Work done = force x distance)
  • Pressure: P = F/A (Pressure = force/area)
  • Uniform Acceleration: v = u + at (final velocity = initial velocity + acceleration x time)


  • Average Speed: s = d/t (average speed = total distance/total time)
  • Distance Moved in Uniformly Accelerated Motion: s = ut + ½ at² (distance moved = initial velocity x time + ½ acceleration x time


  • Normal Force: N = mg cosθ (normal force = weight x cos(angle between surface and normal)
  • Frictional Force: f = µN (frictional force = coefficient of friction x normal force)
  • Centripetal Force: Fc = mv²/r (centripetal force = mass x velocity²/radius)


  • Ohm’s Law: V = IR (voltage = current x resistance)
  • Electrical Power: P = VI (power = voltage x current)
  • Series Circuit: V = V₁ + V₂ + … (total voltage in series circuit is the sum of individual voltages)
  • Parallel Circuit: I = I₁ + I₂ + … (total current in parallel circuit is the sum of individual currents)


  • Reflection of Light: i = r (angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection)
  • Refraction of Light: sin(i)/sin(r) = n (ratio of sine of angle of incidence to sine of angle of refraction is equal to refractive index)
  • Mirror Formula: 1/f = 1/u + 1/v (reciprocal of focal length is equal to the sum of reciprocals of object distance and image distance)


  • Speed of Sound in Air: v = 332 + 0.6t (speed of sound in air at temperature t°C)
  • Frequency: f = n/t (frequency = number of vibrations/time


  • Potential Energy: PE = mgh (potential energy = mass x gravity x height)

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