How to Make Friends in College

Make Friends in College

Making new friends in a new college is a little bit tough but an exciting experience. In college, we meet various types of people with different choices, different attitudes, different behavior, and different family values. But in our life, we usually meet and bond with some people who have something in common with us. The same happens during college life.

The question that usually comes into everyone’s mind is “How to make friends in college“. This comprehensive guide post covers interesting approaches to make friends in new College.

Keep reading this blog post and know about the easy and working approaches for friendship.

Ways to Make New Friends in College

Here are some tips to help you along the way to make new friends:

  1. Attend social events
  2. Be patient Be Yourself
  3. Join Cultural Events
  4. Join sports team
  5. Be approachable
  6. Join Study Groups
  7. Be a good listner

Attend Social Events:

Throughout the year, to make the students remain energetic and feel comfortable at new place with new people. Colleges usually conduct a variety of social events such as parties, game nights, local tours, TED Talks, alumni, De-stressing events, Sporting events etc. Attending these interesting events is the best way to connect with one new people, familiar and have fun.

Be Yourself Be Patient:

It takes time to build any relationship even friendship. So, don’t rush just put your efforts and be yourself. Don’t change yourself or chase anyone for being friend. Try to communicate with others and have a patience.

Join Cultural Events:

Colleges usually conduct different cultural events. Join the cultural activties to showcase your talents, learn about different cultures, and have fun with your college mates.

Join Sports Team:

Joining sports team is the best way to connect with the college mates who share your hobbies and interest

Be Approachable:

Try to approach others by showing genuine interest.

Join Study Group:

Join study groups to keep in touch over assignments and class work.

Be a Good Listener:

Listen to others calmly and actively. Then engage in coverasation via sharing your view point.


Making friends in college is time taken process but by following the above mentioned tips you can make the process of friendship easy and results in long lasting friendship.

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