How to Learn Fast for Exam

Learn Fast for Exam

Do you instantly become anxious when you hear the word “exams”? Be at ease. You are not by yourself. Many students who take exams each year share this sentiment. It comprises tests for schools, fees, boards, and colleges. Each exam has a unique set of problems and levels of difficulty that affect the student taking it at a particular time in their life. 

Every exam type has different phases associated with it, but you must approach each exam period optimistically and maintain your composure during the preparation phase. The subject of how to study the day before an exam is one that candidates frequently ask.

When the relevant organizational authorities release the syllabus, a lot of students begin studying for the exams. Some students also wait until the final few days before the examinations to begin studying for them. 

Why Is Studying The Day Before The Exam Is Important?

When exams are coming up, students’ anxiety levels are typically pretty high. Were you imagining simply yourself in such circumstances? No. Similar challenges are faced by many of your classmates. You did really hear correctly! The results of your competitive tests won’t improve if you allow your exam worry to crush your winning attitude, though. So, unwind and maintain attention on your goal.

The Best Exam Study Method

Planning ahead is the best approach to preparing for an exam. You must plan your study schedule and determine how much time you will devote to it. If you have the time, divide your study session into 15-minute segments. As a result, your brain will have ample time to digest and remember the knowledge.

Spend the day before an exam studying your notes and working through practice questions to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, it is crucial to utilize those few days wisely and seriously in order to get the finest exam outcomes. As exam time approaches, a lot of students become tense and anxious and start to wonder, “What should I do the day before the exam to nail my preparations?”

Even yet, candidates may find the past 24 hours to be frustrating as they must review the complete syllabus. But at the same time, it might be a crucial time to make sure you’re prepared for the exam the following day.

The advice provided here will enable you to successfully complete your preparations one day before the test.

Early Day Benefits Must Be Preserved At All Costs

You probably wouldn’t want to waste a day of preparation for your exams by napping. As a result, get up early to make the most of it. 

It has many advantages, including a quiet, distraction-free setting where you may study and a completely rested mind that is ready to understand concepts in the morning. You’ll have more time to complete your studies if you start studying sooner.

Before you start studying, gather all of your resources.

The secret is to remain organized, composed, and concentrated during the entire revision. Make sure you don’t waste the one day you have left before the exam by looking for lost study materials. 

Keep all of your study tools neatly arranged on a flat table where you can quickly access them. Keep your textbooks, lecture notes, and the course syllabus close to hand.

Rest Your Social Media

Most likely, you wouldn’t want to waste this important day by using technology or social media, conversing with friends, or perusing the internet. The final study session before the test should be focused and free of other distractions, so put your phones away. 

Don’t spend your valuable study time while preparing, even though you can amuse yourself during breaks to relieve stress and refresh your mind.

List every important subject

Want to know “how to learn quickly for an exam in one day?” Based on your summary notes, weighting, and test pattern from the previous year, the ideal strategy is to gain a general understanding of all the key topics included in the syllabus. 

A single day cannot possibly cover the full curriculum. By practicing key concepts, you can study effectively and earn the highest grade. Set aside time for studying and make a plan.

Find A Quiet Place to Study

You must surround yourself with a peaceful study space where you can read uninterrupted by noise or distraction if you actually want to finish your coursework the night before the exam. Make sure there is enough light, and turn your phones to silent before you begin studying.

Examine the lecture notes and chapter summaries.

A surefire approach to learning everything in one day is to use summaries and lecture notes. Going through the complete syllabus is of no use to you because of the short amount of time you have left. 

Study all of your textbooks that have summaries of key information for each chapter. Additionally, while attending lectures, you must refer to the keynotes you prepared. Review all of the key equations, calculations, formulas, and terms that you may have noted. 

It will assist in concept retention and help you remember your study sessions. It is the ideal strategy to conserve your limited time and effectively complete your education.

Describe to another person

One day prior to the test, explaining a subject to someone else is another good learning strategy. If you’re learning in a group, you can assess your progress and improve your retention of the material by teaching one of your peers a chapter you are comfortable with. It will also help you to remove any worries you might have and give you more confidence to ace the test.

Use practice exams

The ideal way to study for an exam in one day is to practice mock examinations or sample papers. You can enhance your notions, use formulae to solve issues, clear up any uncertainties you have, and increase your speed and accuracy when answering questions. 

Examine various study techniques

There are various study techniques you might use. This is a smart move because it will help you get more out of your study time and you might discover the approach that suits you the most.

These are a few examples:

  • Try finishing your homework early in the morning before going for a walk around the campus or attending class while still in your pajamas.
  • Spend an hour working on it before you go to bed each night, then another hour working on it after you wake up.
  • Instead of attempting to cover everything in one day or week, cover one big topic per week. This will give you time among topics so they don’t appear overwhelming.

Limit Your Distractions

Eliminating distractions is the first step to learning quickly. Turning on the TV or the radio is the most typical distraction, but you should also try to avoid using your phone while you’re studying.

Consider utilizing headphones to drown out ambient noise if you have problems concentrating.

You may disable all of your phone’s notifications so that it won’t vibrate whenever someone texts or calls. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from continuously checking social networking sites for updates on what other people are doing and instead keep your attention on what is going on in front of you.

Set Your Goal

Your best chance of learning quickly is to set a goal. Setting a timer for 20 minutes and engaging in an enjoyable activity, such as reading an article on your phone or watching a YouTube video, can be all it takes. 

There won’t be any surprises about what needs to be reviewed or reiterated from earlier lessons when the big day finally arrives as a result.


Even though studying the day before an exam can be stressful and overwhelming, you can still ace your test by sticking to a smart study strategy. Stick to your goals by diligently implementing these suggestions. 

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