Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children

Essay on My Hobby

Hobbies play a crucial role in people’s life. They stand for a person’s character and abilities. The benefit of having a hobby is that it allows you to be creative and productive in your own manner. Everybody has different interests and pastimes that they enjoy during their leisure time.

Everyone can learn more about you and your personality by reading your essay on “my hobby.” Besides showcasing your academic achievement and your personal behavior, Essay on my hobby indicates the significance of your interests and hobbies as well as your level of creativity and analytical ability. 

The essay on my hobby is the article to make your abilities and values evident. It is crucial that you craft an essay that will help you stand out from the competition and impress the admissions committee that you should be admitted. 

My Hobby Essay 10 Lines

  • My preferred hobby is reading.
  • I enjoy doing things like sketching, dancing, reading, painting, playing football, and cricket, among other things.
  • I like my hobbies in times of relaxation.
  •  My closest buddies are the books.
  • I am fully aware of the benefits of reading for pleasure.
  •  One of the finest activities for our minds is reading.
  • Regularity has been a result of my enjoyment of good reading.
  • I’ve learned a lot about historical occurrences thanks to my reading habits.
  • Reading regularly broadens our understanding.
  • In my home, I have a sizable collection of books.
My Hobby Essay 10 Lines
My Hobby Essay 10 Lines

How to Write an Essay on My Hobby

Start by deciding which activities you’ll discuss in this essay on my hobby. You can include numerous distinct interests or just concentrate on one. Being genuine and not inventing your hobbies is crucial. The essay on my hobby is the interests insight into your personality. 

In your essay on my hobby, you can begin by describing your activity before explaining how you came to enjoy it, what motivated you to start doing it, and how it has benefited you emotionally. 

My Hobby Essay : Tips for Writing an Essay on My Hobby 

  • To guarantee that the essay is well-written and has no holes in the structure, create a solid outline.
  • Write nothing about pastimes you don’t actually engage in. Maintaining your sincerity will enable you to write a robust essay.
  • You can share examples of how your hobbies were incorporated into your career or how your knowledge or interest in something unexpectedly proved advantageous rather than always describing how your pastime makes you feel.
  • You may eliminate repetition and errors from your essay by having a proofreader go through it. 

Essay on My Hobby: Dancing

In this Essay on my hobby, I’ll tell you about my favorite pastime, which is dancing, in this paragraph. Today, practically everyone is so busy keeping up with their hectic schedules that they don’t have time for themselves.

A set of moves are performed in time with the music to create dance. The enjoyable type of dancing is created when our hands attempt to match the rhythm of spectacular music while our feet sense the beat. If I’m being completely honest, I’ll admit that it’s quite difficult to put dance into words since, in my opinion, it conveys many cultures and customs via feelings. I like studying various traditions via dance. I really believe that the best leisure activity is dancing.

One of the finest hobbies to pursue is dance. Not only does dancing make us enjoy our downtime, but it also maintains us in shape. I love to dance because it makes me happy and is highly beneficial.

Essay on My Hobby: Reading Books

An interesting fascination keeps a guy busy, informed, and creative. A pastime not only prevents boredom but also helps us become more competent and self-assured.

I think reading is a fantastic pastime. It not only makes us happy but also broadens our understanding. Reading is a crucial activity that aids in developing skills and is extremely useful. A good book makes us happy and offers us the knowledge we need to live successfully. 

Reading books helps us expand our vocabulary since it gives us access to so many wonderful terms. Additionally, it enables us to gather ideas, familiarises us with various writing styles, enhances our communication abilities, and makes us fluent.

It’s a common belief that someone with a reading habit never feels lonely or bored. When they open their magical books, however, they are once more filled with love and contentment. This happens when they are bored. They are made more vivid by books.

Essay On My Hobby: Why Reading Books is a Good Hobby

Help To Develop Knowledge

We are all aware that reading books broadens our understanding of many topics. We learn diverse ideas from various books on various topics. Some of them instruct us in Hindi, Math, English, and many other things.

It Expands Vocabulary

We pick up new words by reading books. It assists us in incorporating several new and useful terms into our daily lives.

It Stretches Brain

Our minds are challenged by reading. It forces us to approach situations differently. It also causes our brains to translate visuals, like when we read books and see people and events.

Makes Us Aware Of The History

There are several publications that outline both the history of our nation and other nations. Through these works, someone with an interest in history can expand their understanding.

Peaceful Hobby that broadens your knowledge

Reading is a highly relaxing hobby that does not involve any physical exercise. It promotes inner tranquility and may be done in perfect stillness.

Therefore, Reading is an extremely productive pastime. Not only does it keep us from getting bored, but it also broadens our knowledge. Reading improves our knowledge while also promoting inner tranquility.

Essay On My Hobby: Playing Cricket 

One sport that is generally done all over the world is cricket. For this workout, a wooden bat and a ball are needed. There are two teams in this game, each with eleven players. The goal of the game is to score as many runs as you can. This game is played outside on a surface that has been properly prepared for the occasion.

I have several interests, but in the essay on my hobby, I’ll focus on playing cricket because it’s one of my favorites and I think everyone should try it. I feel energised, stronger, and better after playing cricket. 

Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a very accomplished cricketer, acted as an inspiration for me, as he did for many other people of our country. To play like Dhoni is what I want to do. I received a lot of accolades from the audience at my match, but I was never really happy. 

Why Choose Cricket as a Hobby

Cricket has a lot of advantages for our health as well as other advantages that will influence our decision to make it one of our favorite activities. The following benefits of playing cricket are covered:

  • Playing cricket may be enjoyable.
  • Cricket is a sport that builds stamina.
  • We learn balance and coordination from it.
  • It improves our physical fitness.
  • Hand-eye coordination is enhanced.
  • It instructs us in teamwork..
  • It also enhances our capacity for communication.
  • You can pursue a profession in this game.
  • Careers in cricket

A cricketer who desires to play professionally can do so by joining any club, local team, state team, national team, franchise team, and so on. There are various choices for a cricket player. Few athletes frequently concentrate on a particular game style, like T20 cricket.

A cricket player may make tremendous sums of money if they are successful. Cricket players in your country might earn a comfortable living. The life of a cricket player is immensely opulent and glamorised. It may be incredibly fun to play cricket.

Therefore, Having cricket as a hobby may be highly advantageous for someone since it has several health advantages in addition to other advantages. Another job option is cricket. It makes life glamorous.

Essay on My Hobby: Art

A hobby is something we do to pass the time while having fun. Basically, we do something we like while we are not engaged in our normal activities. This is known as a hobby.

There are several types of hobbies. It depends on how much one enjoys their pastime. People engage in hobbies including gardening, photography, painting, and sketching. Every single one of us enjoys engaging in a few pastimes. Hobbies encourage people to stay active. We like our hobbies. They support people in maintaining constant energy.

Why Choose Art Hobby

By doing what we love, we can find mental serenity. They assist in enhancing our existing knowledge and abilities in many ways. Playing a sport like football aids in physical development. It fosters a person’s sense of teamwork.

My pastime is sketching. I adore using a variety of colors when I sketch. It makes me happy to draw. My favorite time of day is after I get home from school because I have time to paint.

I enjoy sketching portraits of my parents on my notepad. My favorite drawings are those. Fruits like mango, orange, and banana are among my favorites to paint. I’m inspired to sketch more and more by my mum. 

Everyone at my school also likes my artwork. My professors always want me to join in school competitions. There is a little room that my father built in my house. I have all of my sketched images stored in that room. I drew a mango, a cow, an apple, a banana, and many more things.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s)

What exactly is a hobby?

A hobby is something we like doing in our own time.

What is the word at the root of the hobby?

The term “hobby” comes from the word “hobbyhorse,” which is short for favorite pleasure.

Why is it important to find hobbies?

Hobbies provide interest in our lives and foster our creative abilities.

What are the consequences of not engaging in hobbies?

By only performing everyday tasks and without engaging in any hobbies, life becomes dull and boring.

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