Consent Letter – How to Write a Consent Letter? Format and Samples

Consent Letter

A formal letter asking for approval from another person or party is known as a consent letter. To obtain consent to begin a course of action, it is crucial to write a consent letter. You may get a general idea of what you should include in a consent letter from this article on how to write one, along with some sample consent letters for your use.

How to Write a Consent Letter?

Depending on the situation and goal, a consent letter’s format would alter. However, a standard structure can be used.

How to Write a Consent Letter
How to Write a Consent Letter

Receiver’s Address


Subject: Consent to (the reason/purpose)

Salutation or Greeting: Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Body of the letter:

Give a justification for why you are giving your consent. Don’t forget to include all the necessary and pertinent information, such as the date, the event’s location, the name, etc.

Closing salutation: Yours faithfully; genuinely; etc.


Block-letter name

Contact information Telephone and email are provided.

Consent Letter Samples

Read through the several consent letters provided below to get a sense of how to draught one.

Format for Parental Consent Letter for Attending Online Classes

The Class Teacher

Class X A

Decent Public Senior Secondary School

Rohini Sector 3,

Delhi – 110085

4th January 2024

Subject: Letter of consent for taking online courses

Hello, Ma’am

I am Suman Gupta Mother of Shivani Gupta. I hereby declare that I have authorized my daughter to start taking lessons remotely on June 10, 2024. I have read and comprehended each of the school’s terms and conditions. My daughter must be perfectly healthy and free of any flu, fever, or cough symptoms. I’ll also tell my ward to comply with the school’s rules and regulations and to take all necessary precautions to avoid contracting the virus.

Signature of the Parent: Signature

Name: Suman Gupta

Signature of the Student: Signature

Name: Shivani Gupta

Parental Permission for a School Trip

The Class Teacher

Class VII C

Mount Abu Public School



27 July 2023

Subject: Acceptance to travel to Goa with the class

Hello, Ma’am

I’m Stephen Thomas’ mother, Steve Thomas, and Jibin is a student in your class. I’ve been told that the school would be taking a trip to Goa from December 29, 2023, to January 3, 2024. I’m writing to let you know that I’ve given my son’s participation in the school trip permission. In addition, I am sending him Rs. 5000 for the trip.

Please describe the schedule as well as the safety measures that will be taken during the trip.

Signature of the Parent: Signature

Name : Stephen Thomas

Consent Letter to Attend Internship

The Principal

SV High School


Chennai – 600077


Subject: Obtaining permission to attend an internship

Hello, Sir

I’m Ruben Wesley, a senior in the aeronautical engineering programme. A one-month internship with Air India Engineering Services Ltd. in Hyderabad has been made available to me. I believe that this will be a beneficial learning opportunity for me and provide me with practical experience in the sector. I must apply for the internship programme by July 10, 2023, at the latest.

Please give me on duty between 10/07/2023 and 15/07/2023. Please take the appropriate action.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,



Letter of Consent to Use the School Auditorium for Day Practise Every Year

The Headmistress

Shikshaa Public School CBSE


Chennai – 600064


Subject: Requesting permission to utilise the school auditorium for Annual Day rehearsals

Hello, Ma’am

The theme for our school’s annual day, which is slated for January 23, 2024, will be traditional dances from around the world. We need a big venue to practise in as we will be bringing in expert dancers to choreograph the different dances. The practise would take place after school (between 4 and 6 p.m.).

Please allow us to practise in the auditorium and on the school grounds from January 3 to January 22, 2024. We will be careful to maintain the school grounds tidy and turn off all electrical appliances when finished using them.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,



(School Pupil Leader)

Frequently Asked Questions on Consent Letter Format

What is a letter of consent?

A formal letter requesting or granting consent to begin a certain course of action is known as a consent letter. Be sure to be open and honest about the goal, rules, and conditions.

How does one demonstrate consent?

To provide consent is to agree to do something or to grant permission. A parent’s signature on a consent form to take online classes or offline exams is an illustration of consent.

How do I draught a letter of parental consent?

Make sure the consent letter contains all the necessary details (purpose, name, date, location, etc.).

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