My Best Friend Essay

My Best Friend Essay

Friendship is a lifetime bond. It is the only relationship that goes beyond distance. In the world of relationship, everyone has a gem in his/her life, with whom you can share your feelings, loneliness and happiness. That gem is called Best Friend.

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In our life journey , so many people comes into our life. But not everyone live with us for long. Among so many friends, only very small number of people stay in life for years. The one with who be with you in your thick and thin, count as best friend.

I have many friends in my life, but i feel lucky to have one person in my life who stands above the rest. Komal is my best friend. We have been friend since our childhood. I can’t think of my life without her because of her caring nature. She is always for me in my thick and thin.

When i feel low, she knows how to cheer me up. When i feel stressed, she understand my situation,listen to me and give me advice to make me stress free.

Komal is very jolly person i have ever met. We spend not only good but bad time together and share uncountable unforgettable memories. We hang out together, go to adventures. i can proudly say that she is my best friend because she not only understand me but she know me better than me. She knows very well about my likes and dislikes. Moreover she accept me as i am.

I feel lucky to have Komal in my life becaude she is not just my best friend but my soulmate.

My Best Friend Essay 10 lines

This sample essay on my best friend in 10 lines helps you in getting an idea of writing short essay on my best friend.

  1. Komal is my best friend since our childhood.
  2. We met in kindergarten at Chandigarh.
  3. She is very loving and caring person.
  4. She is always there for me in my thick and thin.
  5. I talk to her about anything and everything because she accepts me as i am
  6. She is the jolliest person. When we meet we both have a lot of fun together.
  7. I am so lucky to have Komal in my life.
  8. She is always there for me not only in my success but in my failure too.
  9. She is most amazing person.
  10. She is and remain my best friend till my last breath. I wish everyone should have a friend like Komal in his/her life.

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My Best Friend Essay in 100 Words

Here i am writing My best friend essay in 100 words.

My best friend Komal is an incredible person who I can count on. She is with in every situation. We have been together since we were kid. With time our friendship is growing stronger. We share a deep bond of care, trust and understanding. She is always make me laugh. Komal taught me the true meaning of friendship. I feel lucky to share this pure bond with her. She know very well how to cheer me up when i feel disturbed. I feel lucky to have Komal in my life for lifelong.

My Best Friend Essay in 200 Words

Here i am writing My best friend essay in 200 words.

True friendships is the most precious gift of God. Friends are precious gem as they hold a most important place in our life. I feel grateful to have so many friends but Komal is the special one who is no doubt the blessings that God has given me. Nothing is better than being with Komal who is not just a true best friend but the one who is just like family.

She is the only one whom i can discuss the most important events in my life at any time anywhere. Komal’s friendship and honesty are blessing for me.

She is crazy in her thoughts and actions. Her stupidity makes us feel alive and laugh out loudly. I feel an unseen connection with her as she understand my silence and tears. With her stupid acts, she ease off my stress. God connect us with people to make us believe that even being different we can live together as a great friend for live long..

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My Best Friend Paragraph in English

This paragraph of my best friend is a sample that can be helpful for the students in delivering a small speech.

My best friend Komal is someone who is not only close to my heart but the one i can always count on. At every phase of my life be it my childhood, my college life, she is always there for me in every situation. She is the first person who comes into my mind and i want to talk when I feel happy or lonely. She is the only one who is with me when I need a shoulder to cry on. She is the only one who knows about my weakness, likes and dislikes.I can say proudly that she is the only one in my life who know me better than anyone else in my life. We have shared various memories together like we laughed together, we cried together, we stood for each other, we supported each other in every situation. I wish everyone have a best friend like Komal.

Short Essay on My Best Friend

Friendship is a wonderful gift by God to the people who are lucky one. Throughout our life we meet different kinds of people. But not with everyone our thoughts or feelings matches. Only one or two person in everyone’s life who stand out apart from others because he/she goes beyond limits just to be with us. That special one is named as best friend.

My best friend Komal is the greatest treasure of my life. It around 29 years, we are spending time with each others. My best friend, Komal is always there for me whenever I need support, advise or encouragement. She is always with me in my lows and highs. We have made various memories that i will cherish for the rest of my life.

She taught me the true meaning of the relationship that is beyond blood relations named friendship. As she is the only person i think of or call in every circumstances.

Being my bestie,Komal gives me such a wonderful ideas to have a fun, solve my problems, ease off my stress and stay calm. She is the only one i can blindly trust and rely on for the rest of my life.

We share every moment and try some exciting things to create an unforgettable memory together that we both can cherish life long. I feel happy and grateful to have such a loving, nice and caring best buddy in my life.

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My Best Friend Speech in English

With a thought to help the students in getting an idea on

what to say about friendship and best friends.

In our life, at every stage, we all go through through the ups and downs of our personal as well as academic life. But but having some one who stands by your side can make all the difference. That one is named as true/best friend.

My best friend Komal, is not only my companion but partner in crime. She is the best buddy who is the best and most reliable support in adventures and challenges that every student experience in his life. as a student brings

She lighten up life with her stupidity and craziness.

As we journey of life through our student years and beyond, I am incredibly thankful to god to have such an amazing person by my side.

My Best Friend Essay for Class 1 and Class 2

My best friend is Komal. I call her Sweet. She is a girl. We go to same school. She studies in Class 1A. She likes Pink colour. I like her very much.

My Best Friend Essay for Class 3 and Class 4

My best friend’s name is Komal. I like to call her Sweet. We go to school in same bus. She likes to read stories. She is good at painting. She is taller than me. I like her very much.

My Best Friend Essay for Class 5th to Class 6th

Komal is my best friend.
I love to call her Sweet.
Her bubbling eyes and cute smile make everyone smile.
She is passionsting and positive.
She always ready to start new adventures.
We have various common interests and hobbies.
we both love to play badminton, watch cartoons and eat samosa.
our shared interest has made our bond strong.
she is my companion during my happy and sad time.
one of the most unforgettable memory is our trip to kasauli. our adventurous trip strengthened our bond.
i am lucky to have her as my best friend.

Essay on My Best Friend – FAQ’s

How to Write an Essay on My Best Friend?

Here are some effective tips that will help you to write an essay on your best friend:

  1. Start with a strong introduction like sharing heartwarming or funny things about your bestie to hook the readers and make them keep reading your essay.
  2. Discuss the qualities of your best friend that make him/her indifferent.
  3. Share your unforgettable times.
  4. Share the times when she/he has been there with you in your good and tough time.
  5. Write about your shared hobbies/ interest.

How I Met My Best Friend Essay in 150 Words?

We meet different people through the course of life. Some leave us with good memories, others teach us to identify good and bad in people. But often there are individuals who come in your life but never leave. Some people stay in our heart forever. We call them “best friends”.

I met my best friend Komal in kindergarten. I was new to the city and school. I didn’t know anyone, so i was feeling a little bit shy. So, that day we didn’t talk to each other but just sat next to each other in class. But is less time we became good friend. During break time, we played outside and enjoyed alot. Komal and me have been best friends ever since.

What are the qualities of best or good friend?

Here below are just a few qualities of a real best friend, Also If you have a friend who possesses these qualities, then you are truly lucky.

  • Loyalty
  • Support
  • Kindness
  • Support
  • Humor
  • Trust

How has your best friend influenced your life?

There are various ways, My best friend has influenced my life.

  1. Becoming more confident
  2. Becoming open-minded
  3. Becoming positive

What is your favorite memory with your best friend?

My favorite memory with your best friend is when we both went to Rishikesh because my best friend wanted to do river rafting for long time. I enjoyed alot fulfilling my best friends dream.

What do you hope for the future of your friendship?

I hope that our bond grow stronger with time.

How do you know if someone is your best friend?

I consider someone as my best friend if someone is accepting me with all my flaws, never betraying me, supporting me in my thick and thin, moreover honest and loyal with me

What are some things you can do to be a good best friend?

To be a good best friend i can do following things:

  1. I will never betray my friend
  2. I will be with him or her in every situation.
  3. I will be loyal and honest till my last breath.
  4. I will understand him or her instead of judging.

What are some challenges that best friends face?

Here are some challenges that usually the best friends face:

  1. With time, people and Situations change. This brings differences between friends
  2. The equation between boy and girl changes from friendship to love.

How can you overcome challenges in your friendship?

Best ways to overcome challenges in your friendship:

  1. Communicate anyway.
  2. Be honest and truthful
  3. Share your feelings
  4. Put efforts to maintain your friendship

What is the importance of friendship?

Friendship is important in various ways such as:

  1. It ends the loneliness.
  2. It gives the feelings of belonging and connected.
  3. It increases the life span.
  4. It makes us stress-free and happy.

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